Pro Tips to Master Call of Duty Mobile

Check out these tips and break your score record the next time you play Call of Duty Mobile.

  1. Choose Just the Right Weapons

Your loadout will matter! You need to be on the right map with the right weapons. For close quarter combats in Nuketown, Hijacked or Killhouse, stick to Sub Machine Guns. You don’t want to be running around with a heavy sniper in that boat and get killed by a guy holding a SMG, who was standing right by the bed in the upper cabin. Choose the primary weapon in your loadout wisely.

  1. Upgrade Your Weapons

Some casual players don’t care a lot about weapon upgrades. However, if they do use the earned points in tweaking their guns, their performance is bound to improve. You could add a scope or just pair your gun with an extended magazine using the weapon cards.

  1. It’s Impossible to Hide

Only noobs would find a corner and stay out of sight and end up getting zero kills in Call of Duty Mobile. Even camouflage does not work in this game because the players on the opposite team are marked wearing red flashes in the torso. So get out there and kill some enemies although you might get killed! Of course! The UAV will always spot every player regardless of where they hide unless the counter UAV perk has been activated.

  1. Always Move Around

Should you not move around, it will be a cakewake for the enemy to zero in on you and clap your back. While you are firing at an enemy, don’t just stand still and target him! Rather, keep shifting to the sides and don’t let his shots overwhelm you! If you run out of ammo and there isn’t a cover nearby, prone down so the enemy misses his shots and he will also run out of ammo soon enough after a few missed shots. This proning technique works like a charm!

CoD Mobile, Weapon Upgrades
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  1. Slide When Necessary

Sliding is an awesome feature but it needs a lot of practice to be able to use it perfectly. You could slide to quickly get behind a cover or avoid getting shot while you are being chased as well as shot by the enemy.

  1. Switch to Your Sidearm

Switching to your sidearm is always quicker than reloading your primary weapon. Don’t underestimate the power of the M1911! It’s as powerful as any rifle when you are close enough to the enemy. Don’t use the silencer on your pistol because it will further decrease the already short range.

  1. Use Your Throwables

I always forget that I respawn with a grenade every time I’m KIA. Most of the players don’t know how to use the grenade. It’s not something that you throw at your enemy’s head in close-quarter combat. It’s rather used for flushing out enemies from corners or before moving into a room or a narrow alley.

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