Strategies for Playing Blackjack Online: Which Ones to Use and does it Make Sense

Card games are interesting not only because they are carried away in the gameplay. You can use different strategies to increase your chances of winning. But you need to understand that strategies can not be used in any blackjack online. If this is a slot, then it works as a random number generator, which means that it is impossible to predict the outcome. The game will use an endless deck, and each hand will randomly give out cards.

We will talk about the strategies that can be used in Live games, and also discuss why this card game in any format is one of the most profitable and where to try it.

House Edge Blackjack Online

Speaking about the benefits of this card game, it is worth mentioning such a term as house edge.

This is the percentage of casino advantage over customers. Everyone understands that a casino must make money on gambling to hold promotions for customers, provide quality service and give bonuses. To do this, the developer of an online game (or the casino itself, in the case of land-based clubs) lays the advantage of the casino.

Blackjack contains the smallest percentage of the edge. On average, it is 0.6%, but it can vary depending on which type of game is chosen.

For comparison, in online slots, the house edge is the difference between 100% and RTP. For example, if the RTP is 96%, then the house edge is 4%. Such slots are considered very profitable for players. Given this, we can conclude that blackjack is almost a win-win game in the long run.

Main Popular Strategies

In blackjack, a lot depends on what decisions the player makes and how well he analyzes the process. Therefore, this is not just a game of chance, where everything depends on chance and luck.

The online blackjack game gives the player a mathematical advantage. Using probability theory, mathematicians have figured out which strategy will help win. This works even in online casinos, but only in the live dealer section.

Mathematical Model

This strategy has been around since 1962. At that time, the American mathematician Edward O. Cake, who was fond of this card game, developed a basic mathematical model. It still works and is presented in a convenient table that can be found in the public domain.

The table contains a row with the dealer’s possible combinations and a column with the player’s combinations. At their intersection, a decision is written on what the player should do.

This strategy reduces the house edge to 0.5%, which is an absolute record among all games.

Card Counting

This strategy is used in any card game with equal success. But it is only suitable for those options where a non-infinite deck is used (that is, a live casino or online live dealers).

In this case, the gambler plays online blackjack and remembers which cards come out of the game. So he can understand which cards are left in the deck, and guess which one may come across to him or the dealer. You do not need to have high intellectual abilities for this, but you need to have a good memory and be able to concentrate.

Many people worry that this is illegal. But actually, it’s allowed. Except in cases where the player uses special devices or third-party people who help him to count.

Wrong Strategies of Behavior in the Game

Sometimes players come up with strategies on their own. And this is not bad, as it develops the skill of the game. However, some strategies are losing because they do not use mathematics. And they are best avoided:

  • Don’t draw cards. Due to the fear of getting busted and immediately exiting the blackjack online, gamblers often stop with a score of 12-16. But this is often not enough to win. This strategy increases the house edge to 4%.
  • Repeat after the dealer. As you know from the rules of the game, the croupier draws cards if he has less than 16 points, and stops if he has 17 or more. But repeating after him does not make any sense since this will rarely bring a win. House edge grows in this case to 5.5%.
  • Continually choose insurance bets if the dealer has an Ace. The probability that immediately after the Ace he will get 10 points is quite low. Therefore, in most cases, players lose insurance, and the house edge rises to more than 7%.

Even if you do not want to use existing strategies, you are unlikely to lose a lot of money in this game. This is evidenced by the low house edge. That is why this entertainment is always recommended for newcomers to the casino.

General Recommendations

In addition to using card counting or a tableau, it is important to perfectly know the rules of the game you are playing. Otherwise, you can not take into account something or miss the chance for a good choice.

It is also critical to enforce the limits of responsible gambling. This means that you need to wisely allocate your entertainment budget and use it sparingly. If the amount is lost, then it is worth stopping. And after a big profit, it is better not to risk all the money. This helps to avoid a strong passion for the game and makes it possible to think with your head, not with your heart.

King Billy Casino is the Best Place to Play Blackjack

King Billy is the perfect place to try online blackjack in Canada. On the site, you can choose automated games based on RNG or play online blackjack with real dealers at the live casino section, where it makes sense to apply the strategy. And the free version of blackjack will help you hone your knowledge of the rules of the game without any risk.

Winning this card game is quite easy. It would be an excellent choice for beginners and those who do not want to lose their budget. With King Billy, it is easy to withdraw your winnings, and you will feel what real pleasure is from an online casino.

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