6 Best Video Games for Your Kids In 2020

Video games are often viewed as time-wasters, but in reality, they can be educational for your kids. The games are worthy for kids’ brain development. They allow your kids to develop creativity, problem-solving skills, sportsmanlike behavior, and hand-eye coordination. According to one study, it is noted that kids who play video games are in a better position to solve mathematical equations in less time as compared to kids who don’t play video games.

Your kids need to play video games, but adult gaming can be harmful for them. Thus, the responsibility lies on your shoulders to purchase sensibly and ensure that a particular game is appropriate for kids. In your absence, you can track your kids’ phone to check on their gaming preferences. Download a reliable cell phone tracking app to track phone without them knowing. This way, you can track your kids’ internet history to see what games they are playing online and what games they are downloading into their smartphones. You can then review the online ratings of a game based on factors like language, violence, sexual content, gambling, controlled substances, etc.

In this article, I’m going to briefly discuss my top six picks of video games that are considered safe and highest-rated for your kids to play this year.

#1: LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack 

Your kids will have fun playing this popular PS4 video game. The game theme revolves around different LEGO characters assembling the forces to fight against the outside world. The game features a wizard, dark knight, and a LEGO master builder. LEGO dimensions starter pack is suitable for kids aged ten and older. Besides, this game is available for multiple gaming systems.

#2: LEGO Jurassic World  

Kids love Jurassic World theme. This adventure-packed LEGO Jurassic World game has the best characters to showcase. Excitingly, your kids get to customize the features from twenty different dinosaurs. The game is well-suited for kids aged ten and above. Your kids can safely play this game with their friends.

#3: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

This game works well for Nintendo Wii gaming systems. It is suitable to play for everyone above age 10. You can get this game in a special edition gift set. Only 2-4 players can play this game at a single point of time. It’s a good game for your kids as they get the opportunity to learn new and exciting levels or challenges. Kids can choose multiple playable characters like Luigi, two Tads, and Mario.

#4: Madden NFL 25

If your kids are into sports, then Madden NFL 25 can be a great deal for them. Football lovers will totally love this game. This game unlocks up to 30 new moves of NFL ball carrier. Every age group can play this game on multiple gaming systems. The Madden NFL game comes with the choice of two bundles.

#5: Splatoon

In 2020, Splatoon is going to be the top-rated video game. This game allows your little ones to create mess and play with colors as much as they desire without creating any real mess for you to clean up. It can be a fun game for them to make colorful splatter of paint. Kids aged ten and older can play this game online. This game is best-suited for Nintendo Wii U gaming systems.

#6: Farming Simulator 17

If your kids can’t get enough of Farmville, then take their farming addiction to another level with this new PS4 game. Farming Simulator 17 allows your kids to build and grow a working farm. With the help of this game, they get to learn about crops and harvest. This game is available for online play and multiple gaming systems.

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