The Internet Remembers Everything 

Human beings have the ability to remember things that are important, but the internet is not designed to do that. You can’t really see or feel the internet, but we know that it remembers everything. If you have been playing 50 free spins on your laptop or computer, the internet will remember that you are an ardent fan of online casino games. It will start recommending different casino games. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well, there can be two ways to look at it. This quick article will shed light on how the internet remembers everything and why it can be a good or a bad thing.

Forget & Forgive: A Human Trait

Human beings remember important things. They follow the notion of forgiving and forgetting. Forgetting has become the new norm, and they remember things that mean something to them. A human being’s memory is being reconstructed constantly, and it starts altering over time. Let’s take the example of two people having a bad past. But they tend to forget and forgive. It is possible that they will leave the past behind and become best friends in future.

This way, human beings are focusing on the present and not mulling over the past. Forgetting allows human beings to create space for something brand new. Even biased memories are getting reconstructed and constructed over and over again. That’s how the human mind functions! We learn to prioritize our thoughts and focus on the present.

If we fail an exam or do not get through an interview, we work hard and achieve our dreams. We learn to let go of the past and select our thoughts. Do we think about our failures again and again? The answer is RARELY.

Digital Memories are Different

The digital system may not be as smart as you, but they are still keeping records of everything. You have to delete the files in order to get rid of the memories or important documents. Facebook reminds you of a picture (a moment) you took ten years ago on the same day. You may have forgotten about the way you looked and where you went, but the internet has all the data. Sometimes you feel that it knows you better!

The internet may also remind you of things you may not want to remember. Let’s take the example of a presidential candidate or someone who wants to change the world for good. They may forget about the past, but the people of the country will Google their names and find out everything about them. What if the citizens see a drink in their hand and a history of drug abuse? It could hurt their candidate, and people may not believe them.

The digital world is pushing us to an unforgivable world. If you are married to a person, and he/she finds some old photos in your Instagram or Facebook account, you will have to answer a series of questions. It may not be relevant for you today, but the blast from the past will affect your partner.

In a nutshell, the internet is tailor-made to remember things that you may forget. Some may think it’s positive, they find, and others curse the internet for bringing back bad memories. Nonetheless, we have the power to delete these memories and create new ones.

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