The most popular esports-themed casino games around the world

The increasing popularity of esports has affected the whole iGaming industry. At first, people would think it only affected the betting industry. But it isn’t that simple since esports also has fans in the casino industry who want to play games that relate to their interests. The biggest casino sites have reacted to customers’ new needs and created several different kinds of esports-themed casino games. What are the most popular esports-themed games in casinos around the world? Let’s find out.

One Shot Multiplier

The Nordics are going crazy about CSGO. That is why One Shot Multiplier is the most popular esports-themed casino game in most Nordic countries, especially Finland. According to Finnish casino experts from, One Shot Multiplier wasn’t even available in the Nordics a couple of years ago. Consumers demanded that the game should also work in the Nordics, and a bit later, it became available in every Nordic country.

One Shot Multiplier is a bit different style than the games in this article. Instead of being a specific-themed slot game, One Shot Multiplier tries something completely new. In this game, a player tries to shoot the enemy instead of killing a hostage. Three targets appear on the screen. Two of them are hostages, and one is an enemy. If you shoot the enemy, you win money and move to the next round. Every round player can win more money, but the risk of hitting the hostage increases. One game of One Shot Multiplayer can last up to nine rounds.

Champion Arena

Champion Arena is an Apex Legends-themed slot game available on Apex Legends gained popularity right after the launch but has slowly fallen out of the spotlight. Even though the actual game isn’t as popular as it used to be, the casino game still has fans in the US. It is a classic slot game spiced with Apex Legends-themed graphics and features. Other than that, the game seems to be ideal for free spins.

Loot Luck

Loot Luck is a PUBG-themed casino game popular in Southern European countries and the UK. Then what makes Loot Luck so unique? In true Battle Royale fashion, Loot Luck features the Wild symbol re-spins each time it appears on the screen. So basically, Loot Luck honors the PUBG theme in the best way possible. Other than giving lots of re-spins for players, Loot Luck is quite a traditional slot game. The most significant differences between Loot Luck and a classic slot game are in the graphics and the names of the features.

Ninjas in Pyjamas CSGO Slot

Ninjas in Pyjamas is a slot game with thousands of players in Sweden. Of course, the biggest reason behind the popularity of this game is the theme of the game, Ninjas in Pyjamas, the most successful Swedish esports organization. If we are not looking at the graphics, NIP CSGO Slot is a traditional slot game. The only things that make the difference from classic slot games are the graphics and the names of the features.

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