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Top Online Blackjack Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Beginners

Among the most popular casino games is blackjack. Playing it is fast, fun, and following some simple strategies may help you turn a profit. You can maximize your winnings at any casino, whether online or in person, with a bit of awareness and following these blackjack tips. Moreover, with online Blackjack at FanDuel Casino, a beginner can feel equipped to succeed  and make smart decisions.

There are many blackjack strategies available online; just do a quick search on There are some very complex ones, others that are at best questionable, and others that seem to be completely arbitrary.

Let’s begin with basic strategy cards for blackjack. It is easy to make good decisions using a basic blackjack strategy card, but most casual players won’t carry this around with them, so more than often you’ll be left empty-handed. In order to be successful, you must learn a strategy you can actually remember, and that information is exactly what we will share with you.

Play with less decks

You probably heard this tip before if you’ve done any research on blackjack strategies. The odds of winning at blackjack are much better at tables with fewer decks, such as single-deck blackjack tables. You are more likely to score a blackjack at a table with fewer decks because multiple deck games dilute 10’s and aces.

When starting with something like a 12 or 13, most new blackjack players will keep taking another card. This is a fundamental error.

12s and 13s are better hands

It is important for you to realize that blackjack is a game of known quantities, as you only know one of the dealer’s cards – in this case, his upcard. You are unaware of the rest of his hand. Given the fact that 10s, jacks, queens, and kings are all worth tens, we can figure out his starting hand based on his facedown card. If the dealer shows a weak opening card, the best play long term is to stand on any hand over 11. This rule does not apply if you have a pair. You should stand for all 10s except for 5s, where you should double down.

Understanding of basic rule

Every card combination has a basic strategy which outlines the ideal steps to take. It is applied to all advanced blackjack strategies and is based on science. The house edge increases by 1.5% when a player does not follow the basic strategy; which is a staggering amount.

Doubling down strategy

Doubling down at the right time can also increase your money on the table. In other words, after you receive two cards, you can double your bet before taking a third one.

When you are dealt an 11 as your starting hand, you should always double down, regardless of what card the dealer shows you. In your hands with 11, you are more likely to get a ten on your next card, so you will have 21.

Double down effect

You’re already well on your way to success, but there are a few more things you need to keep in mind once you’ve found a single-deck blackjack table. Make sure you keep an eye on the payoff when you’re playing. You’ll find something like this noted on a blackjack table, either on- or offline; 6 to 5 or 3 to 2. On a $10 bet, you’d get a $12 payout at a 6/5 table, while on a 3/2 table, you’d get $15. This can add up over time.

Blackjack insurance

As a beginner, this can be tempting. You may be offered blackjack insurance at some online blackjack tables if the dealer shows an ace. This bet is meant to compensate for losses in the event of a blackjack. However, that isn’t a good idea. At least not for the long run. It is not worth the cost and return from insurance to pay for the odds of the dealer making blackjack.

Tips and tricks only work with common sense that will enhance your skills. You should only bet what you can afford whenever you play casino games, or whenever you bet in general.

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