What Casual Gamers Should Try on Mobile

Thanks to the competitiveness of the mobile market, we’ve seen some incredible growth in the processing power of mobile devices around the world. While they still might not be on the same level as most powerful consoles and PCs, they now offer a more than a solid platform for casual gamers to play some of their favorite games on the go. PC and console games might still be number one when it comes to demanding titles, but when you’re in the mood for something lighter, here’s what you can try playing on mobile.

Real Money Games

While they might not be everyone’s cup of tea, real money games are a great way to kill some time and potentially make a few bucks while you’re at it. Online casinos like are the best places you can find these types of games. These perfectly optimized websites host massive collections of classic table games like Poker, Blackjack, and Bacarrat that you can try your luck on, and up to thousands of themed slots featuring pop culture icons. Thanks to the great bonuses you can snatch up in these online casinos, you’re sure to have a good time every time you visit.

Interactive Story Games

Gaming simply can’t get more casual than interactive story games on mobile. These types of games have been steadily rising to the top of the mobile market, and with good reason. They allow players to influence the storyline of the game by making unique choices that affect the story progression. From epic fantasies to heart-warming romances, interactive story games come in a variety of genres you can choose from, so if they’ve piqued your interest you should go ahead and check out Choices and Episodes, two of the most popular games in the genre right now.

Battle Royale Games

It’s not surprising these particular games made it on the list. Battle Royale games have created quite a stir around the world, getting almost everyone to jump aboard the Battle Royale hype train. With Fortnite and PUBG, two of the most popular titles in gaming right now, getting mobile alternatives, the Battle Royale craze has made its way to mobile. If you already play these games on PC or Consoles, this can be a great opportunity to hone your skills and get even better at your attempts to remain the last man standing in times when playing on your other devices isn’t possible.

Trading Card Games

Growing up with the magic of trading card games like yu-gi-oh, Pokémon, and even Magic the gathering has more than prepared us for the online versions of some great trading card games that are available on mobile right now. While not all of our childhood favorites have managed to make it to the mobile gaming scene, the new kids on the block are doing a fine job of capturing their essence. Trading card games like Hearthstone and Shadowverse are amongst the many you can try right now, and wipe the floor with your enemies thanks to your superior strategy.

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