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Xbox One Not Reading Discs? Fix it Now!

Solve the issue of Xbox One not reading discs.

Having the issue of Xbox One not reading game discs? Follow the steps mentioned in this guide to fix Xbox One not reading game and Bluray discs issue.

Ever since it came out in 2013, Xbox One has been offering fantastic gaming experiences to players across the globe. From time to time, users have raised one concern: Xbox One is not reading discs. You can experience this after a few days of using the console or the issue might arise after you have used the console for a few years. Various reasons may lead to the console’s failure to read inserted discs. You need to fix this issue to get a seamless experience on the Xbox One. Let’s discuss the ways by which you can fix the issue of Xbox One not reading Bluray discs.

Potential Reasons Behind Xbox One Not Reading Inserted Discs

Now, let’s talk about some of the most common reasons behind Xbox One not reading discs.

Deposition of Dirt 

The laser lens present in the Bluray drive assembly is the part responsible for reading a disc. If dust, dirt particles, or other debris get deposited inside the drive assembly and prevent the laser lens from scanning the disc, the console will become unable to read the disc. Under these circumstances, you need to replace the laser lens.

Problem With the Hardware

The parts of your hardware might have worn out depending on how long you have been using your Xbox One. There are several components in the disc drive, such as levers, rollers, and screws. If any of them get damaged, the console may start to malfunction.

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Foreign Objects Inside the Drive

If foreign objects such as coins, toys, and other small things get inside the disc drive then they can cause irreversible damage to the assembly and this leads to Xbox One not reading discs.

Settings Issue

This is one of the infrequent instances where you put your Xbox One on Instant On mode and after resuming the console’s operating system, it might fail to read the content of the inserted disc.

Xbox One not Reading Discs
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Fix for Xbox One Not Reading Game and Bluray Discs

Modification in Parental Controls

Certain parental control settings prevent specific DVDs (especially the ones age restricted content or games) from running on the Xbox One. You must ensure that everything in the parental control settings is in order. You can change the parental control settings by heading to the ‘Privacy and Online Settings’ section. After making all the necessary changes, there is a chance that your issue will get solved. You can also change the parental control settings for your Microsoft account after logging in on a web browser. Make the desired changes from the section ‘Security, Family, and Forums’ under ‘My Account’ after logging into your Microsoft account.

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Try Using Another Console

To figure out whether the problem is with the console or the disc itself, try inserting the disc into another Xbox One. If the disc works fine in that console, you can start looking for the root cause of the problem in your device. Cleaning or changing one or more parts in the drive assembly will do the job.

Repairing the Xbox Settings

Sometimes, the problem may be that the Bluray-related settings aren’t correctly configured on your console. To resolve this issue, head to Settings and find the ‘Disc and Blu-ray’ option. After that, you must ensure that videos are set to play at 120 Hz (applicable for USA-based Xbox One consoles).

Position the Xbox One Properly

Placing Xbox One in the correct position can resolve the issue of the console failing to read discs. Position your gaming console upright.

Change the Power Settings

Issue of Xbox One not responding after disc insertion usually occurs when it is running on ‘Instant-on’ power mode. Switch to Energy Saving mode and see if the issue of Xbox One not reading discs gets solved.

Clean the Bluray Disc Before Inserting

In some cases, it is observed that dust and dirt get deposited over your game discs. Clean these with a damp cloth before inserting them.

The Bottom Line

You will be able to solve the problem of Xbox one not reading discs by following the steps mentioned above. If none of these work, then you need to your console to an authorized service center.

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