4 Trending gaming videos on YouTube and why viewers love them

The video game culture has gone beyond magazines and forums. Nowadays, you can participate in the gaming community and gain access to more information and tips with just a few clicks of a button. No need to subscribe to monthly video game magazines or register to websites for exclusive information and tips.

Thanks to YouTube creators and their videos, the online gaming community is regularly updated and entertained. Some of the top-viewed videos and top channels with the most subscribers are gaming-related. Here are some of the most viewed types of gaming videos and what makes them such a hit.

1. Reaction and review videos

Some of the most popular types of gaming videos are when creators record themselves, using a free online video editor, as they react to or review a new video game. The layout is often a full-screen video of the game and a picture-in-picture effect that shows the creator in a small box within the video. This type of video is a big hit because it gives the audience the chance to emotionally connect with the creator as they react the same way as their viewers do.

2. How-to (tutorial) videos

Advancing in video games is no easy task. Each level is often filled with challenges that will make it harder for you to get through to the next level. Fortunately, there are YouTube creators who post tutorial videos with voiceovers that show strategies, techniques, and dynamic gameplay tips and tricks. It also helps if the host is entertaining and has impressive gaming skills. For those interested in enhancing their gaming experience further, tools like text to video feature can be particularly valuable. This innovative technology allows users to convert text-based content into engaging video material.

3. Unboxing videos

Unboxing videos are not just for new phones or kids’ toys anymore. More and more YouTube gaming creators are posting unboxing videos where they open and reveal the latest gaming consoles, gadgets, accessories, and even merch. Aside from the element of surprise that the audience gets from this type of video, their curiosities are also somewhat satisfied. Unboxing videos are also great for those looking to buy video game products but want a real, straight-from-the-box review from a genuine gamer.

4. Livestream

Livestream videos show gamers playing video games in real-time. It may seem weird but a lot of gamers enjoy watching other gamers play. Even non-gamers watch video game live-streaming. It’s a great way for them to enjoy the game without having to actually play the game. Similar to how some people fear riding roller coasters but enjoy watching other people riding them.

Join the video gaming community online

Gaming videos aren’t all that different from other types of videos on YouTube. They are highly entertaining and engaging. As for YouTube creators, creating gaming videos are fun and easy to do. Joining the gaming community and experiencing the gaming culture are now more convenient than ever.

Whether you seek to improve your gameplay, seek advice for the best gadgets or consoles to purchase, or just find what the latest games are, there is a YouTube video out there to help you out.

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