A Total War Saga: Troy News

A Total War Saga: Troy is coming soon.

Total War Games have always been one of the best sellers. It is easy to understand this because they are the only game that can combine army management with country management. Grand strategy games are played on the map however total war games even though played on the map, have an option to enter battles. These battles are amazing and it feels like you are a general. In recent years, Total War games branched out and explored several different themes. Such as Warhammer titles that were great. But they also had bad reviews such as Thrones of Britannia.

The gameplay of Total War games is brilliant therefore there have been very few changes to here and there. Most gamers believe that the best Total War game was Medieval 2. But Three Kingdoms was enjoyed by most of the players as well. However this time we are going back in time. Because developers just announced A Total War Saga: Troy. This time we will be in ancient Greece and we will inside the epic of Illiad by Homer.

We will be taking part in the Trojan Wars. Of course, the Trojan wars is not accepted by some of the historians.  But this is a video game, not a history class. The release date will be somewhere around 2020. The map seems smaller but the size is as big as Rome Total War 2. There is a lot more micromanaging. Of course, just a siege battle will not make a Total War Game. There will many different elements changing the gameplay.

A Total War Saga
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One of these changes is mythical creatures such as minotaurs being in the game. Players will be able to use these creatures to gain an advantage in a battle. of course, according to Homer’s story, Gods also entered the battle. However, in the game, this will not be the case. In the game, players will be able to honor the gods and make temples dedicated in their name. These will give you some bonuses during a battle. Also, the game does not have a cash-based economy. There is no money in the game. But players will need food, wood, stone, and various metals to run their country and feed their armies.

Also, heroes such as Achilles and Hector will take place in the game. These heroes like Three Kingdoms can be extremely powerful and very hard to kill. They will be able to take out a battalion just themselves and decide the outcome of the battle. Heroes will be able to duel with other heroes in battles. The difference between this mechanic and the one in Three Kingdoms is players will be able to pull out their hero out of the combat. Heroes will be able to start Epic Quest lines which will allow them to earn various legendary weapons and armor.

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There are no naval battles taking place in the game. Also, there will be no mounted units. Because around that time the horses were used as a symbol only, there will be any mounted units for us to control. The battleground will be interactive such as slowing down units around a muddy terrain.

We just hope that A Total War Saga: Troy will live up to its epic story by Homer.

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