Dead Island 2: When Is Our Favorite Zombie Shooter Coming Back?

Dead Island 2 has been confirmed by Deep Silver but a slow development schedule has left fans confused

Dead Island 2 has gone through quite a few controversial phases over the years. The upcoming title has already gone through three different development studios, and there is a lot of confusion surrounding the upcoming title. If you do not know where to look for info on the upcoming zombie shooter, we have you covered.

Dead Island 2 – What to Expect

Dead Island 2
Image Credit: Deep Silver

The original Dead Island was set in a beautiful island in California with plenty of zombies to ruin your plans of strolling through the scenic landscapes. Yager Productions was set to make the sequel of the game, but the development phase came to a halt out of nowhere.

We do not know the specifics of the decision, but Yager studios were pulled out of their contract out of nowhere. The studio shut down, and Managing Director Timo Ullman revealed that he was shocked at the cancellation of the project.

Sumo Digital was next in line to take up the project. They were excited to reveal all the information they had about Deep Silver’s best-selling IP, but we never received any gameplay specifics. We did receive a trailer which you can check out below. But there is nothing to indicate that the new studio will be sticking to what was shown in the E3 trailer from last year.

We do not expect the core gameplay of Dead Island 2 to change all that much. Close combat fights have always felt engaging. One of the biggest issues with many zombie shooters is that you can get away with long-range fights, which take away the thrill and excitement of being ripped by a zombie.

Trailer Breakdown

From what we have seen, we will be going to Los Angeles in the next game. There are plenty of locations that we would like to explore, and the trailer does look promising. There will also be some movie-themed weapons which will feature in the upcoming title.

Co-op gameplay is bound to make a comeback. Different characters will have their unique roles, and we expect new characters with new abilities to feature in Dead Island 2. PvP is highly unlikely unless the developers want to cash in on the battle royale hype. But we doubt that behemoths like Apex Legends and PUBG will be toppled anytime soon. Both Apex and PUBG have tried zombie-centric modes, and they have been successful, so who knows, it just might work.

Release Date

Assuming that Dead Island 2 is still in development, we can expect the release date to be confirmed in the next E3, which is sometime next June. Until then, we just need to wait and watch. There have been absolutely no updates regarding the title for months, but we do not expect Deep Silver to just give up on the project.

It is a waiting game of at least 8 months unless Deep Silver decides to push out details on the game before E3 2020. Either way, Dead Island 2 is going nowhere considering it is their most profitable franchise, and we want to get our hands on it as soon as possible.

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