Apex Legends Duos Mode Coming Out On All Platforms

The new Apex Legends Duos Mode will be available for a limited time starting November 5

  • Apex Legends will be launching a new Duos Mode on November 5.
  • The new mode will let players queue up with just one more player instead of the usual three-man teams.
  • The announcement was made shortly after Apex Legends surpassed 70 million players.

If you are a veteran Apex Legends player and have been asking for a duo-queue mode, we have some good news for you. Apex Legends Duos Mode will go live next month on all platforms for you to enjoy with your friends.

When is Apex Legends Duos Mode Going Live?

Apex Legends Duos Mode
Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends Duos Mode will go live on November 5. The playlist will be limited time, and it’s going to be the first time that Respawn Entertainment allows us to queue up with a single friend. This is not the first time that Apex Legends has introduced a limited-time game mode with smaller team sizes. There was a Solo mode not too long ago, and we keep getting limited-time game modes with modifiers all the time.

It is likely that Respawn will stick to the 60-man format, with 30 teams of two each being pitted against each other. We do not know if we will be playing World’s Edge or be going back to the original map. We just need to wait and see.

If you have not tried out Apex Legends yet, we recommend giving the game a shot. The massively popular battle royale title just surpassed 70 million players and will be coming to Steam soon as well. The game is completely free, and you will be getting access to multiple heroes for free and unlockable Legends for in-game currency.

Apex Legends has a lot of great communication tools like the ping system, but it is not enough to help you get started if you do not have enough friends to play with. With the new Duos mode coming it, things should be much easier if you have someone you can team up with. Whether you want to play with your friend or a complete stranger, the choice is yours in Apex Legends Duos Mode.

What do you think about the upcoming game mode in Apex Legends? Let us know in the comments below.

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