PlayStation 5: Possible Price and Release Date

Today we will take a look at the possible price and the release date for PlayStation 5.

Sony Playstation changed the gaming world. Today most of the gaming community are playing their games on console and there is a reason for it. The games are well optimized and ready to play. It is portable and easy to use, also you can play this from your couch with comfort. These are the main reasons for players to choose console. Today we have 3 main competitors, Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo. These companies are trying to get the biggest portion from the next generation of consoles. Therefore today we will take a look at the release date and the possible pricing of PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 is going to be the next-generation console. The release date is probably around winter 2020. Sony is trying to make the most out of their console. PlayStation 4 was also a success. But with the advancements in gaming technology(such as VR making a headway) they want to make it powerful enough for the next 7 years.

PS timeline
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Therefore this release date is subject to change. Sony might postpone the launch date if there is something to improve. Sony will also need to check their online gaming policy cause currently EA and Xbox partnership is offering a lot.

Will PlayStation 5 revolutionize gaming? We cannot say it for sure, there are many improvements coming with PS5. However, Sony’s competition is becoming more intense. Xbox and Nintendo Switch both had a good last year. Therefore PlayStation 5 needs also correct pricing. For example, we remember this scenario with PlayStation 3. PS3 was launched with a price tag of $600. This lost Sony a generation. 

PS4 release date price was $400. But that is where Microsoft made a mistake and launched Xbox with Kinect Bundle for $500. However, motion sensor games were losing popularity and for nearly a year Sony steamrolled Microsoft. A hundred dollar difference is a big difference in console gaming where prices of the games are generally more expensive than PC.

PS5 Dev Kit
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Therefore Sony can start the pricing around $400 to $500 range. There are new and interesting things coming with this generation. Such as the special SSD included with PlayStation 5 or the new DualShock controllers. Especially the SSD is going to solve one of the main problems of console gaming. The loading times will be gone with this generation of consoles. According to sources they are able to open games under 2 seconds. This is an amazing improvement. One that most of the gaming laptops cannot even compete.PlayStation 5 controllers are going to change as well. According to the developers, the rumble pad will be replaced with haptic feedback based technology. The idea, behind this, is to immerse players much more into the game. The players will be able to feel the tension of a bow for example at the tip of their finger. 

As we have said before, be ready for the PlayStation 5 launch around December 2020. The pricing is something we will not know until the release date; however, we expect it to be between $400 to $500.

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