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How To Play The Fortnite Drinking Game at Your Next Gaming Party

Remember to drink responsibly and have fun when playing the Fortnite Drinking Game!

If you want to take your Fortnite experience to the next level we recommend trying out the Fortnite drinking game. The popular battle royale game is quite fun but what if we told you there is a more fun version of Fortnite if there is drinking involved?

What do you need to play the Fortnite Drinking Game?

Fortnite Drinking Game
Image Credit: Epic Games
  • A few bottles of fine spirits (anything works!)
  • Mixers
  • Shot Glasses
  • Fortnite

What are the rules to the Fortnite Fighting Game you might be asking? Here are all the rules that you need to be aware of.

Disclaimer: Be responsible when you are drinking. It is fun to drink with your friends when you are playing together but please take care of yourself and be in control when committing to such drinking games. If you feel uncomfortable at any point of time, please stop immediately!

Fortnite Drinking Game
Image Credit: Fortnite
  • Take a shot whenever you jump out of the bus.
  • Take a shot whenever you open a chest.
  • Take a shot whenever you use a potion.
  • Someone one shot you? Take a shot!
  • Did you just get hit by a pickaxe? Take another shot.
  • Got an unlucky spawn and died without any weapons? Take TWO shots!
  • Got a sniper kill? Hand out drinks to everyone.
  • Broke a chest? Time to take another shot.
  • After reviving a teammate, take a shot to celebrate!
  • Take a shot for every kill that you get.
  • Match ended with zero kills? Take a shot regardless.
  • Got killed by a trap? Chug a beer!
  • Died to the storm? Lament at your luck and take a shot.

Finally, whenever you get a win – chug in all of your drinks and call it a day!

Fortnite is great fun solo but the Fortnite drinking game makes things a lot more fun. We strongly recommend not overdoing with the drinking. If you are not of drinking age, you can replace alcohol with your favorite soda or even snacks.

Gaming is meant to be fun and it is okay to let your hair down and indulge a little. The Fortnite drinking game has no strict rules and you can change them depending on your mood. Drink responsibly!

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