Apex Legends Reached 70 Million Players

Apex Legends continues to grow and reached 70 million players.

Battle Royale games entered into our lives several years ago. However, they have changed the gaming market and even effected our daily lives. We have never seen football players do dances from a game before. However, at first, PUBG broke several incredible world records and rocked the gaming world. Afterwards, Fortnite broke several world records. After these two successful attempts, all the big companies wanted a slice from the cake. Activision created “Blackout” and EA created “Firestorm”. Apex Legends came much later.

But EA created another Battle Royale. This game was combining hero shooters and Battle Royales. Therefore Apex Legends was born. The game was a mixture of Overwatch and Battle Royale. Overwatch’s new hero does have a certain Apex Legends vibe. The game was released on February 4, 2019. When it first came out it baffled the gaming world. Apex Legends broke several world records, such as reaching 50 million players only on 28 days. This was an incredible record and it also showed new heights for the gaming world. Apex Legends had several important aspects. One of them was being free-to-play. This made the game easy to reach. This was also a strength of Fortnite. That was why Apex Legends was named as Fortnite killer on release. The game started incredibly to its lifetime. After all, hitting 50 million players was no small feat.

Apex Legends Mirage
Image Credit: Apex Legends Youtube Channel

However, things did not go according to the plan. Apex Legends started to lose players due to several reasons. The number one reason was the hacker problems. The game was filled with hackers. The second reason was glitches and bugs. There were instant death bugs in a multiplayer game. Also, the game looked unpolished offering only several good heroes or legends so to speak. These problems circled for months until Season 3.

Season 3 started with a lot of news. First of all, a new map was coming into the game called, World’s Edge. Crypto was a new hero. After the start of the season, we have seen a rise in the player numbers. Today Apex Legends plays very well. There are simple problems here and there but it is amazing. Also recently Respawn Entertainment announced that they have reached 70 million players mark. This is an incredible achievement for this game. Battle Royale game market is a very hard market to be in, PUBG players do not like Fortnite and Fortnite players do not like Apex.

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However, coming much later than established games and creating a 70 million player pool is simply amazing. Season 3 changed the game and fortunes of EA and Respawn Entertainment. EA is still disliked around the gaming community however Respawn is another thing. Respawn created Titanfall games previously and those games were amazing. Incredibly underrated games. We have to congratulate Respawn Entertainment for their success with Apex Legends Season 3 at least.

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