PUBG Season 5 Datamined – What’s Coming In The New Season?

The new patch will finally see the most-hated map in PUBG being reworked

  • The new season will come with the Survivor Pass: Badlands, which will be purchasable soon.
  • Miramar is getting a full overhaul, loot rework, and vending machines.
  • The update is now live on PTR and will be available on the main servers in a couple of

PUBG’s latest season just got datamined, and 5.1 patch is also up, on the beta servers. If you have been looking forward to upcoming updates, you can do so on PC by signing up for the public test release. Dataminers were able to grab an image of the official season pass, which reveals all of the content that is coming in Season 5 along with the cosmetics you can earn.

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PUBG Season 5 – Miramar Rework

PUBG Season 5
Image Credit: PUBG

Miramar is going to be fully reworked for the upcoming season. If you want to see what the new version of the map feels like, you can try out the PTR v5.1 right away on PC. If you are from a different platform, you can expect the mainline update to drop within 2 weeks, at the very least.

The Survivor Pass: Badlands leak suggests that there will be more items than ever before to unlock, and there will also be a lot of focus on Miramar. Once the most hated map in all of PUBG, could it finally be the rework that the players deserve?

A lot of the maps in PUBG have the same badlands style theme, but none of them are as polarizing as Miramar. With too many open areas, there is no cover and loot balance being a major problem, as usual; a rework was much needed. Slower-paced playstyle is already shunned in the world of battle royale, and we hope the remaster caters to the fans’ demands.

Other than the visual rework, the spawn rates of weapons have also been modified. With the map favoring long-range combat, scoped weapons have now received a bonus drop chance across the board. You can also pick up scopes more frequently. Pistol spawn rate has been dropped, and spawn rates of defensive items have been raised.

Vending Machines

Vending Machines are being added to the game, as well. You can use them to get healing items, but any attempt to steal from the vending machine will alert enemies. The machines will spawn in commercial areas only, and you should keep an eye out for them if you are short on healing and support items.

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