Banned Fortnite Pro FaZe Jarvis is Switching to Call of Duty

FaZe Jarvis is switching games from Fortnite to Call of Duty.

Fortnite has seen hackers and cheaters for sure. There was a time where cheating was all around the map. Since this is a Battle Royale game, it is hard to recognize cheating, if you do not know some basic patterns. So in the past Epic Games did suffer a lot from this, especially around Season 2. However, Fortnite developers started to work on a really god anti-cheat software afterwards, and the issue was solved mostly. Today the game is clean as much as it can be. Of course, there are slips here and there however it is mostly ok. Epic Games showed how serious they are when they banned the Fortnite Pro Player Jarvis. It was a huge incident and got a lot of attention. Jarvis was banned from the game indefinitely meaning there is no returning.

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Epic Games saw Jarvis making a video where he uses aimbot for fun. However, Epic Games certainly did not think that it was funny. Therefore they have banned him for good. In the games end-user agreement we can see that tampering with the software will get you a permanent ban. So Jarvis started to beg for his account back, but Epic Games did not even recognize that this thing happened. Even Ninja became vocal about it. They simply moved on.

Now nearly two months later the FaZe Clan player Jarvis is finally moving from Fortnite to Call of Duty scene. Of course, this has something to do with the fact that Call of Duty League is coming soon. Most of the teams will want to look for players like Jarvis since they are actual pro players. Also, Call of Duty League offers huge potential. FaZe Jarvis announced his decision with a video.

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The problem for Jarvis is that his core audience was set up by streaming Fortnite. Therefore there will be a massive reduction in the viewers he is getting. He also stated that there is no way he is going back to Fortnite. Well, of course, he is permabanned after all. However, he is still FaZe Jarvis. He may be able to compete within Atlanta FaZe for Call of Duty League. Call of Duty League is another hard accomplishment for the game. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a relative success. However, creating an entire Esports league around it will be interesting.

FaZe Jarvis Call of Duty
Image Credit: Atlanta FaZe

Well, FaZe Jarvis’s career is still ok after this news. If he can make the transition to CoD good, then he will not have any problems with it. But he should also keep in mind that Call of Duty content makes lesser money than Fortnite for sure. If there is a Call of Duty Modern Warfare Battle Royale. Then it will be really interesting to see a former Fortnite pro player to play another Battle Royale game.

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