PUBG Mobile Lite Receives Massive Update with Golden Woods Map, Add-Ons Support and More

The new patch v0.14.1 brings exclusive Amazon Prime benefits for PUBG Mobile Lite users

  • Amazon Prime has partnered with PUBG Mobile Lite to offer exclusive rewards for Prime subscribers.
  • You can get your hands on a full set of Infiltrator armor if you have access to Amazon Prime.
  • The patch also prepares players for the new season pass coming out on October 1.

A major update just dropped for PUBG Mobile Lite that brings a new game mode, map, a vehicle and Amazon Prime integration. You can try out the Golden Woods Map along with a new FireFight Game mode which were both highly anticipated by the fans.

PUBG Mobile Lite Patch v0.14.1 Overview

PUBG Mobile Lite
Image Credit: PUBG Mobile Lite
  • New Fire Fight Game Mode
  • UAZ Vehicle
  • Golden Woods Map
  • Free Add-Ons via Amazon Prime
  • Free Goodies for Amazon Prime Users (Infiltrator Set)
  • Ranked Season Pre-Load
  • New Title System
  • New Weapons

The patch notes revealed that the new season will start on October 1 and will bring in a ton of new rewards. The Season Pass for the new season should be available on the same day as well. The new Golden Woods map offers a fresh take over the barebones maps we received in recent updates.

Along with all of the new content, there is also a new Title system that is designed to help you unlock achievements and get EXP points quickly. The Firefight: War game mode pits players against each using only the RPG-7. If you have access to Amazon Prime, we recommend linking your account in-game to grab all the free new loot right away.

The PP-19 sub-machine gun, QBU DMR, QBZ DMR and a UAZ have also been added. There are a number of bugfixes as well to help gamers have a smoother overall experience. The event interface bug that countless gamers complained about has finally been resolved.

You can download the new v0.14.1 patch for PUBG Lite Mobile from Google Play!

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