Football Manager 2020 Has a Game Breaking Bug

Football Manager 2020 is great except this bug.

Football Manager 2020 was expected by gamers with a lot of hype. Last year Football Manager 2019 was better than its predecessors. So it was natural for fans to feel like this year can be even better. Football Manager players need a bug free game more than most other games. The reason is simple. Football manager games saves are extremelyĀ long. One player can finish an entire year until FM 2021 with one save. If there is a game-breaking bug in the middle then it will ruin the whole experience not just one season. This is obvious and that is why generally Beta’s of Football Manager 2020 is important. However, there was one serious issue that nobody realized until the last few days of the beta.

Football Manager 2020
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Football Manager is a simple game. When beginners see everything for the first time, we know it can be intimidating. Also, Fallout 4 can be intimidating here are tips and tricks to start your adventure. However, stats are easy to recognize each player has some strong sides and some weak sides. Most of these stats are from 1-20 and can be seen in the game as long as you have scouted that person. However, there are hidden attributes as well. These attributes are generally very important. Because they affect consistency, versatility and important matches. These are very important attributes. However, after the release players soon realized that %70 of the player base has these attributes at 1. 1 is the lowest you can get and these are hard attributes to change. Players need years of experience to get some important matches to attribute up.

So this bug is preventing players from starting even a game. Because it will affect their entire gameplay and updates will not be able to help them with previous saves. We have seen these situations before. Therefore our suggestion is. do not start a new update until this is fixed. Of course, there are other bugs present in the game such as the penalties given every match or not conceding a goal for a very long time. Honestly, I did not even concede a goal in my first 14 league matches with Besiktas. However, we are sure that this issue will be ok with a hotfix because it is simply outrageous.

Besides this, we can say that the game looks amazing. The changes that came with Football Manager 2020 is amazing. These bugs here and there are just a little annoying. But we are giving Sports Interactive their fair share also. Because these games require huge databases and there are very funny stories on how things happen in FM happens also in real life. The game is that much realistic and deserves an applaud. We cannot wait for the fix.

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