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If you are tired of waiting for Fallout 5 and want to get back to Fallout 4 for a while, things can feel a little rusty. But we have you covered with our Fallout 4 wiki catering to new and returning players alike. Here is a collection of tips that every Fallout player needs to know when playing the early game of this iconic franchise.

Fallout 4 Wiki – Saving Is Important

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One of the biggest problems that Fallout 4 players face when playing the game is constant death. If you do not want to die all the time and lose progress, it is important to save as often as possible. It is worth reloading your save as you lose only a small amount of progress instead of having to replay a large chunk of the content for no reason.

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There is a way to increase how often your game saves from your Options menu. Quick saves are also available in case you want as many manual saves as possible. Managing a bunch of save files can be difficult, but we recommend getting the hang of it. The game also has some bugs that can be really frustrating to get around, and having access to quicksaves allows you to bypass any issues that you may come across.

Fallout 4 Wiki – Weapons

Always choose weapons that you enjoy and find effective. There are various perks and stats that you need to learn when picking up Fallout weapons. Some have bonus damage or happen to be more effective in specific situations, but if you enjoy using a certain weapon type, we recommend sticking to it. You can slowly branch your points across weapon types over time to make your skill pool more diverse, but focusing on a single weapon type in the early game is super important.

Fallout 4 Engagements

We recommend learning how to pick engagements and running away from them. If you find yourself outnumbered, it is best to back off and run away from the fight. There is no harm in running away from fights to get yourself in a better spot or completely disengaging. If you die, you lose all of your progress.

Our first tip also comes into play during engagements. You can quickly load a save file to avoid sticky scenarios. It is also important to maintain high ground as much as possible. You do not want to find yourself in a spot where enemies can freely shoot you dead. Maintain range from your enemies and pick them off one by one.

Fallout 4 Wiki – Modding

Mods from any weapons that you pick up can be retained. This applies to legendary gear, as well. You do not want to lose them as mods can make even average weapons feel godlike with the right setup. Always pull out your mods when dismantling anything that you do not need. Legendary gear is the best source of good mods, and we recommend you grab as many as possible.

We hope you enjoyed our Fallout 4 wiki and have fun with your adventures. Stay tuned to Gamersuffice for more content!

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