The Best Survival Games To Play in 2019

You need to try these three games if you love fighting for survival

Survival games can be quite appealing because of the challenging gameplay and the RPG mechanics they often have. Fighting for survival in these titles is really fun and if you have been looking for a quick fix to keep yourself engrossed for hours you have come to the right place. Here are some of the best survival games that you can try out in 2019. Recommended for you: online gaming machines.

Top 3 Best Survival Games


Best Survival Games Frostpunk
Image Credit: FrostpunkGame

FrostPunk is a mix of strategy, city-building and survival. With the all ending frost coming to take the lives of your citizens, it is up to you to manage things and keep them alive. It is not just about stocking up resources, mental fortitude of your citizens matters a lot in FrostPunk. You have to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of your citizens else they will end up dying in the cold. You also have to ensure there is enough heat and food available at all times.

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A massive coal furnace is what keeps your citizens protected from the cold. You need to hunt for food and manage your resources well. If people become too unhappy they will revolt or even die without the right amount of resources. It is a beautiful survival game but it is just as unforgiving. You need to micromanage all aspects of the gameplay if you want to survive.


Image Credit: Subnautica

Underwater survival games have become quite popular over the past few years and it all started with Subnautica breathing new life into the genre. You find yourself in an underwater planet that is full of beautiful organisms as well as dangerous unknown creatures.

While it might be a very relaxing experience to delve into the deeps and explore the ocean in your submarine, it can also be quite dangerous. You need to ensure you have enough resources for sustenance else you will find yourself dead in no time. It is not particularly difficult as the developers put in more effort into the exploration aspect more than the gameplay mechanics. If you are looking or the best survival games that you can play to relax it is one of the best.


Best Surival Games Minecraft
Image Credit: Minecraft

Minecraft is the most popular modern video game of all time and it is still the most played game in existence. While Fortnite might get all the media coverage, Minecraft continues to dominate the gaming industry by a landslide. There is a lot of focus on player choice and creativity. You can farm resources and build your own world.

There are plenty of custom servers where you will find new and engaging game modes. If you want a more relaxing experience you can always hop out of survival and head to creative mode to recreate just about anything you want. We recommend getting the Java version of the game as you do not want to miss out on the mods that the game has to offer to its player base. You will be able to customize just about any aspect of Minecraft and make it the ultimate survival game.

What are the best survival games according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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