PUBG is Adding Clan System

PUBG Clans will make the game more interesting and fun.

PUBG is the pioneer game of Battle Royale games. When PUBG was in early access, it was already breaking several world records. There were several reasons behind this. First of all Battle Royale games was still fresh. We did not have one from each company. As we said before PUBG was the pioneer in this front. They were able to get into the market before anyone else. When PUBG 1.0 was released the game broke every record at Steam. Still one of the most played games even today. PUBG has a loyal fanbase and this fanbase is fanatics against other Battle Royale Games. Even PUBG Mobile is going great with Season 10.

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PUBG had another point. The price was cheap. Compared to a $60 AAA game, PUBG’s cost was nothing. The game was well designed even though it was riddled with bugs. These bugs and optimization issues became a huge problem for the game but still, it does have a huge fanbase. The game is speaking much more to realistic shooter players. Everything from attachments to guns is time appropriate. This speaks to players who prefer a more realistic setting than a futuristic one. But after Fortnite released the Battle Royale mode and  PUBG had many difficulties.

The reason was simple Fortnite was free and accessible from any computer. However, maybe the best part about Fortnite was its optimization. Players never had optimization problems affecting their gameplay. This combined with the price and building a new twist into the genre, Fortnite was the new king. PUBG tried to keep up with them for a while but in the end, they seem to accept their player base and try to improve their game rather than competing with Fortnite. This was maybe the best decision they have ever made. In light of these, PUBG is working towards introducing clans into the game.

This will change the game and make it more serious. There are thousands of clans out there and they will want to form their teams. Of course, it depends on how they introduce this into the game. If there will be clan rewards and clan specific items besides just a name tag, it would be great. Also, another example is how clans can compete with each other on the scoreboard with games against clans. However, PUBG needs to be very careful with their hacking problem. This problem seems to resurface whenever PUBG wants to make a big change in the game.

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PUBG is working towards improving their game. We are sure that there will be a PUBG 2 in the future. But developers stated that they want to update this game until they can finalize it. However, they still need to fix the optimization issues. This was the number one factor that drove players away. We just hope that one day we will be able to get decent FPS  without the need of an extremely powerful rig.

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