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The online platform is not just for finding information or working but also for entertainment. And even then, the entertainment is no longer about videos and text from books. The evolution of online games has made them one of the significant sources of interaction and entertainment. The best part of it all is that you can have this fun with your friends, which adds to the good vibes you get when playing the games. Here is a look at the best games to play online with friends.

Words with Friends 2

This option allows you to add excitement to the usual scrabble and other related word games. It is online, meaning you do not need to have everyone at the same place to have a challenge which comes in handy in the present quarantining and social distancing times. The aim is to have the most points based on the letters you get. There is no harder mental exercise than finding words with a ‘Z’ and a ‘Q.’


Few games have revolutionized online gaming in the manner this has done. It has even made professional esports an excellent career. Its online multiplayer functionality allows you to take on various challenges or go for the ultimate prize, the Victory Royale. You and your friends taking part in the dozen of the campaigns will serve you with the challenge you need. The graphics work across all ages, and the game is available for all devices from Xbox One, Pc, PS4, Switch, and there is even a mobile version.

Online Casinos

Online Casinos are an excellent place to spend with friends primarily because they do not offer one game but a plethora of them. While they are not necessarily designed to have multiple players on each game, you can all sign for the same casino for live games. You all can enjoy the welcome bonuses, and if you opt for a 200% bonus casino, you will each have enough bankroll to last a couple of hours. In live dealer mode, you get to play with other players across different games. You can put your poker and other table games skills to test against your friends.


Minecraft is one of those perfect collaboration gameplays which leaves you thankful to have a creative gang. There are two modes to suit varied preferences. First, you have the survival mode, which will feature set challenges against the game machine, and you try to stay on as long as you can. On the other hand, you can choose the creative mode and have free reign. The game allows you to get up to eight team members on different computers. It is available on your personal computer, Switch, PS4, and iOS and Android mobile platforms.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is a modern take of classic gameplay that makes the most of AR-gaming technology. The main aim is to collect hidden Pokemon, which are usually scattered in different locations around your neighborhood. With the Covid-19 pandemic, the game developers have designed it such that you can find the Pokemon around your home with, the game developers have designed it such that you can find the Pokemon around your home without going to public places. The game uses your phone, GPS, and clock, and you can invite as many friends as you want and create a list. You can interact, track each other’s progress, gift each other, and do in-game trading as you play.

Sea of Thieves

Looking for a sea adventure where only your tight circle can take part, then this sea-based game is just what you need. The beautiful beaches and the general game theme are a perfect introduction to the adventures you are about to embark on. You get to share with up to three others and engage in treasure hunts across the world and other pirate activities. Better yet, you can engage in play battles with other teams defending your loot or trying to steal that of others.

Jackbox Games

If you are a fan of trivia challenges, then this is a game you and your gang or crew will enjoy. It has emerged as one of the best options of the pandemic period, especially as people found they could involve their friends. There is also no need to learn about controls or any rules, and the company provides all the necessary instructions you may need for play in a tutorial. At best, all you need to know are the answers to random pop questions trivia.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

If you are looking to invest in an empire-building large-scale game with multiple players, then Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is that video game. The long-running fantasy saga from Square Enix takes the best online MMO spot from World of Warcraft, thanks to gripping storylines and plenty of incentives for group play. You can invite up to seven other friends to join you for a maximum of an 8-member team. There are plenty of rewards and war against dungeons to keep everyone playing entertained. You can access the game through a one-time $60 subscription to PlayStation 4 and a personal computer.


Monopoly is the most famous board game ever played. It is almost a tradition for every house to have one. That does not mean you must have people gathered around for you to play it. It is one of those games that everyone in your circle can play, and it always demands your attention and mental acuity. The good news is that you can now access and play the popular game online on any of your preferred gaming devices.

playing game on mobile phone

Cards Against Humanity

For a light-hearted game, this is the game to pick. It is a newer form of the Uno, and it involves two sets of cards. The black set comes with blanks spaces to fill in or questions that you answer. The white set has the answers to these questions and the nouns that fill in the blanks.


Online entertainment allows you and your friends to maintain contact and interact even though you are not in the same space. They come in handy during periods of solitude and help maintain your connections with friends and family when you are far from each other.

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