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Unable to Connect to EA Servers: Battlefield 2042 Error

It’s Battlefield time!

Since Battlefield 2042 does not have a campaign mode, the game is totally unplayable if you are unable to connect to EA servers. While DICE is working day and night to fix server-related issues with Battlefield 2042, here’s a list of things you can try on your own in order to get rid of problems on your end. Getting error message related to Battlefield 2042 having an issue connecting to its online servers? You’ve come to the right place!

This guide has been designed with information fetched from EA’s official guide for fixing connection issues in Battlefield games. However, keep in mind that Battlefield 2042 came out recently and the servers have been in a bit of trouble ever since its release. Therefore, by following the steps in this guide, you are only ensuring there aren’t any issues on your end. If it were an issue on the server’s end causing you to encounter ‘Unable to connect to EA servers ‘error, we can’t really ensure that following the instructions in this guide will fix that.

Relaunch the Game

If there’s a brief disconnection from EA servers, the game will end up showing ‘Unable to connect to EA servers’ error and one of the best ways around this is to restart the game.

To fully close the game, ‘End Task’ for all instances of Battlefield 2042 via Task Manager. Also, make sure that you shut down Easy Anti Cheat (Battlefield 2042’s built-in anti-cheat application) before relaunching the game.

If you are playing the game from EA Desktop on Windows 10, sign out from your account and relaunch EA Desktop.

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Unable to Connect to EA Servers
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Getting ‘Unable to Connect to EA Servers’ Error? Check for Battlefield 2042 Server Outage

This error pops up largely when there has been a server outage and there is only little you can do to address this error. Maybe the developers decided to push in a server maintenance session out of nowhere or maybe the server got DDoSed. Whatever be the reason, you will have to wait for it till the developers are done fixing the server and bringing it back online.

In case you figure out that the server in your location has gone down, you can stop reading this guide right away and binge yourself an episode or two on Netflix. Once the servers are back online, you will be able to join games normally.

Here’s how you can check the server status of Battlefield 2042 in your region.

  1. Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter handle keeps you updated with all major and recent changes to Battlefield 2042 including server outages (if any).
  2. Head to EA’s website to see if there are any messages regarding the outage of Battlefield 2042.
  3. If you are playing the game on Xbox One, you should definitely check Xbox Live Server Status (on this page) since the connection on Xbox consoles is patched through to EA servers via intermediate Xbox Live Servers.
  4. DownDetector is the best site providing up-to-date information regarding severe outages and downtimes.

Reset Your Internet Connection to Fix ‘Unable to Connect to EA Servers’ Error 

Sometimes, a temporary glitch in your router or network may be barring you from connecting to online game servers. In that case, you would be getting a server connection error in every other game that requires an online connection. Can’t get any online game to connect to its server? Your router probably needs a short break. Unplug the router and restart it only after a full minute. Afterward, the router will have gotten rid of any temporary network cache, which may have caused the server connection error in Battlefield 2042.

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Check if Your System is Overheating

No! I’m not talking about the router. An overheating gaming system can present with characteristic stuttering backed by hefty packet loss and ping spikes in online matches. Here’s how that happens. When your CPU’s clock speed is limited due to thermal throttling, the data does not get processed as early and this results in frame time spikes and ultimately, the game becomes unplayable. If your system is overheating already at the loading screen (while you are trying to join a lobby), a connection won’t be established to the remote server at all. I experienced the same with Call of Duty Modern Warfare on my HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop. The CPU was overheating and due to a sudden decrement in its clock speed, the game was stuttering so bad even when searching for a match. The game would somewhat take me to a lobby and no sooner had the count down ended, I would get ‘Disconnected due to communication error’ message.

What I want to make clear is that an overheating system can manifest a number of issues including server connection glitches even though the two don’t seem to be associated by any means (Why would anyone blame an overheating CPU for server connection issues, right?).

Is Your Connection’s Speed Enough for Online Gaming?

Although the recommended speed is minimal (only 1.5 Mbps) for a good enough multiplayer experience on Xbox Live, you may need a slightly faster connection to ensure proper online gaming on PCs since there are a bunch of background tasks that use up your bandwidth in Windows 10. Make sure that your connection’s effective speed is at least 5Mbps (or 0.625 Megabytes per second) for eliminating random packet loss and latency issues. If your network’s speed is significantly less then you may experience random disconnection from server while playing modes with a greater number of players (the 128-player mode, for instance).

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Did you know that players are experiencing server connection issues more on PC and next-gen consoles? Xbox One and PS4 players, on the other hand, are only matched in lobbies with 64 players and of course, DICE servers are able to handle that load well but the recently introduced 128-player mode is facing hiccups ever since the game came out.

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