Best Weapons in Valorant for Each Role

If you don’t know which weapons to purchase for different Valorant roles, you came to the right place. We prepared an in-depth guide to give you an idea of which weapons to prioritize in your loadout. So, let’s dive in and see which weapons come out on top for every Valorant role!

Best Weapons for Attacking Players

As an attacking player in Valorant, you are responsible for pushing into enemy territory and securing objectives. To be effective in this role, you need an accurate, reliable weapon with enough firepower to take out enemy players quickly.

By far, the best weapons for attacking players are rifles, Phantom and Vandal. You can’t go wrong with either one of them, and which one you choose mostly depends on your preferences.

Phantom is accurate at long range and has a high fire rate, making it a formidable weapon for taking on enemy teams. The Phantom is also equipped with a scope for long-range shots and 30 bullets magazine that is more than enough to enter the site.

On the other side, Vandal has high damage and a fast fire rate, making it a great weapon for both long-range and close-range combats. It’s a little bit harder to control than Phantom, but it deals more damage in long-range fights, and a single headshot usually results in a kill.

Overall, the Phantom and Vandal are two of the best weapons for attacking players in Valorant, providing a balance of accuracy and firepower.

Once you pick the weapon that suits your needs, you should adjust your crosshair accordingly. You can either create a custom crosshair or pick pre-built Valorant crosshair code and just upload it to the game.

Best Weapons for Defending Players

Defenders’ primary objective is to hold their ground and protect sites. To be effective in this role, you need a weapon that is accurate and powerful at long range, as well as capable of holding its own in close-quarter combats.

As a defender, you can also go with classic assault riffles like Phantom or Vandal. An Operator is also an option, but only on specific positions. However, if you are playing a certain position that requires close-range combat, the shotgun can be extremely powerful and can take out enemy players with just a few shots. It also has a high magazine capacity, allowing you to take out multiple enemies before needing to reload.

Best Weapons for Entry Fraggers

Valorant weapons 3 - Best Weapons for Entry Fraggers
Best Weapons for Entry Fraggers

Entry fragger’s responsibility is to lead the charge into enemy territory and create openings for the team. To be effective in this role, you need a weapon that is accurate, powerful, and capable of taking out enemy players quickly.

The best weapon for the entry fragger can depend on the site you are attacking. If you are entering from long and it requires a long-range fight, then the best weapon is definitely and Operator. This one-shot kill weapon is extremely accurate and powerful. One precise shot is enough to open up the site and allow your team to get in.

If you plan to enter from short, then you should consider taking a Bulldog. Even though you can never go wrong with Phantom and Vandal, they are quite expensive. Keep in mind that entry frager is a risky role, and you will most likely be the first one to get a kill or be killed.

So, if it doesn’t go well, you won’t have enough money to buy expensive weapons. That’s why Bulldog is a great option. This riffle has semi-automatic and automatic modes. While scoped, it will fire 3 shots at a time, and while un-scoped, it will be fully automatic. So, even though it deals less damage, if you use the scope on long-range and hit a headshot, it will most likely result in a double headshot which is enough for a kill.

Best Weapons for Utility Players

Valorant weapons 2 - Best Weapons for Utility Players
Best Weapons for Utility Players

The biggest problem for utility players is credits. They need to provide constant support for the team and disrupt enemies. To do so, they need to have a full set of their abilities. Abilities cost credits, and after purchasing them all, there won’t be enough credits left, especially if the support player used all the abilities in the previous round and have to repurchase them all again.

Sometimes, if you team is winning, there will be enough credits on your balance, and you choose whichever weapon you want. However, oftentimes, especially if your team is losing or it is a close match, you won’t have enough credits for both abilities and the best weapon. In that case, it is best to go with SMGs, either Stinger or Specter, depending on your money situation. Both submachine guns have high fire rate and are great for close-quarter combats. The low recoil makes them easy to control and hit your shots.

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