Games to Play When Bored in the House

Staying entertained during lockdown conditions has been a challenge for people around the world over the past few months.

With the coronavirus crisis showing no signs of abating – indeed, many experts are predicting a second wave is on the way – many of us could be consigned to our homes for even longer.

Games will be the preferred option for some people to stave off boredom, so we have picked out some recommended selections to try to make that time go a little bit faster.

Card games

The number of different games that you can play with a simple pack of cards is amazing.

From solo games such as patience to group games such as poker, a basic pack of cards is very cheap and can provide countless hours of entertainment for very little cost.

Family games like snap or go fish are great ways to while away a wet afternoon when there is no hope of being able to leave the house. Hearts and knockout whist are two of the other card games that can provide a lot of fun for people of all ages.

Cards can also be used as a prop for a variety of magic tricks, so they are highly flexible.

Slot games at online casinos

Those who require more of a thrill from their games could try out slots 50 free spins at online casinos.

Most slot games require no skill and that was kind of the point when they were created. The internet is home to thousands of slot games which only require you to choose your coin-size and click your mouse. Yes, there are some that are more advanced slots, but the idea has stayed the same for a very long time.

Developers are increasingly turning popular movies and TV shows into online slots, increasing the amount of choice available at online casino sites. Many of them also have progressive jackpots, offering life-changing amounts of money from a single spin of the reels.

Playing slot games at online casinos does not necessarily have to involve gambling, either. Those who do not want to risk any of their own money can try out slots in demo mode.

Many online casinos these days also offer a no deposit welcome bonus or 10 pound deposit bonus, while free spins are a regular promotion that is given out to new customers when they sign up for an account as well.

Video games

Lockdown conditions will provide the ideal opportunity for a lot of people to play video games. After all, there is never likely to be a time again when people are told to stay at home for an extended period of time. By firing up Fortnite, you are protecting the health of your loved ones!

Titles like The Last of Us 2 have been among the best-sellers of the year so far, but players will have needed to have completed the original a few years back to be able to follow the plot.

The Last of Us 2

A classic?

Sports fans could use the enforced time indoors to get involved in a popular series like Madden or FIFA, while there is a newly released Formula One game for the new season as well.

Those who prefer a simulation type of game could get stuck into Football Manager, a title that players regularly spend hundreds of hours getting immersed within every single year.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons was released at the perfect time for lockdown, with people getting obsessed with creating and maintaining their own island, free of COVID-19 concerns.

Interactive online games

Just because you are staying at home does not mean you cannot play games with friends.

Interactive online games have exploded in popularity in 2020 due to the coronavirus crisis and associated lockdown, with plenty of apps available to try out in this area.

Houseparty is used more as a way to video chat with friends and family, but the app also includes a variety of games that can be played at the same time too.

Facebook Gaming has signed up around two billion players, which is testament to the power of the world’s largest social network. While Facebook Gaming is still quite new, it is a great option for interactive online games to play with friends during the lockdown period.

A lot of classic board games have also been converted into online options that are perfect for these testing times. Examples of games to try out with friends include Risk, Uno and Monopoly.

While most people are counting the days until things get back to normal, the above games can all help to make the time fly.

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