How to Do Fortnite Tier 100 Unfused Skin Challenges

Unfused Skin Challenges are available for players who reached Tier 100 in their Battle Pass.

Fortnite is still the most popular game in the world. This is very simple Fortnite eliminated the PUBG’s performance problems and combined it with an interesting building mechanic. Fortnite is probably the most updated game in the world. Epic Games is releasing content after content. Therefore there are always new things to try in the game. This type of content offering also making players sometimes wanting more and more. For example, PUBG developers tried to update their game as often as Fonite, but that only lasted for a few weeks. Fortnite’s update schedule is great and they are constantly improving the game for the players.

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Also, the game has hundreds of skins available for players. Even though some of these skins are earnable by players by simply playing the game and doing the challenges, most of it is not. Battle Pass system offers plenty of amazing skins and generally, players try to complete all 100 tiers, to earn enough V-Bucks for the next season Battle Pass. Normally 100 tiers in the Battle Pass is fairly easy to complete. But also each skin has different variations and when all of them are combined, it feels like a mess to complete. Battle Pass tier 100 this season offers the Unfused skin. Today we will take a look at the Tier 100 Unfused Challenges and how to complete that. These challenges are very easy to complete.

The challenges are divided into two categories 4 of them are XEV Challenges and four are VEX Challenges.

XEV Challenges

  • Finish top 5 in Duos or Squads 3 times
  • Carry a teammate out of the Storm 1 time
  • Revive and Reboot a teammate 1 time
  • Assist a teammate with eliminations in different matches 10 times

VEX Challenges

  • Destroy opposing player buildings 25 times
  • Finish top 10 in Solos 3 times
  • Yeet an opponent and deal fall damage 1 time
  • Eliminate an opponent in different matches 10 times
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As you can see these challenges are fairly easy to compete. The skin does look somewhat nice. But it is not as cool as previous Tier 100 skins such as John Wick Skin. But we are sure players will enjoy playing with it none the less. Fortnite is still the most popular game out there, and it looks like they will stay on top for another year at least. Of course, fingers crossed for the rumored free-to-play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Battle Royale game.

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