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How to earn a free operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Rainbow Six Siege is giving out one free operator for players.

Rainbow Six Siege is a great game. The game brought FPS and tactical gaming together. While other games try this, Rainbow Six Siege offers the most variety of maps and operators. Operators in Rainbow Six Siege are each with a unique ability and gadgets. This formula worked great, especially for the first couple of seasons. However, later Ubisoft released several global ability operators such as Dokkaebi. These did not require any skill to use and undermined the game a little bit. However, they have learned from this, and the operators are much more skill-based now. Of course, Rainbow Six Siege had rough seasons also. When it was first released the game was very different, and the player base was not very big. However, after several seasons later, the game became much better. Today it is so good, Ubisoft decided to make another Rainbow Six Game.

We are in the holiday season, and many titles out there are giving out gifts. Rainbow Six Siege is also one of these titles that offer gifts. Players will be able to get a free operator if they log into the Rainbow Six Siege. These operators will be chosen from Year 1 to Year 4, and they are random. The news came from the official Twitter of Rainbow Six Siege. The game is also offering daily cosmetics for players to earn, so if you are interested all you need to do is log on and play a couple of games. The cosmetics are generally really nice, and well thought of.  Also Steam is on sale and here is How To Get More Discounts from Steam Winter Sale?

Rainbow Six Siege is one of those games with a huge learning curve. The game is 5v5. Being in a team is very beneficial for players. Communication is the key. The game does have some problems still, but these days which game does not. Every season there is a new epidemic of cheaters and bugs. However, even though Ubisoft is trying to fix them, these bugs are related to the game engine also. The game is over 4 years old. This is a very long time for a video game. We do know from the developers that some of the operator ideas are getting scrapped, because of the limitations of the game engine. The game is great and the concept is amazing, however, these limitations need to be solved. One might wonder when will see Rainbow Six Siege 2, with better capabilities.

Rainbow Six Siege
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Can you imagine a Rainbow Six Siege 2 game with the next generation consoles?

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However, according to Ubisoft developers, they want to reach 100 operators, before they can think about R6S 2. But this is a problem. This means that Rainbow will need to last for another 5, maybe even 6 years. This is a very long period. But maybe they will be able to improve upon this engine along the way. Do not forget to get your free operator in Rainbow Six Siege.

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