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How To Get More Discounts from Steam Winter Sale?

Tips and tricks to get the most out of Steam Winter Sale.

Steam Winter Sale is here and there a lot of games that are discounted once again. All the players around the world expect these events to buy some games. But in recent years Steam Sales have been a little bit worse. There used to massive discounts reaching nearly 90%, however, these days it is really hard to find this type of discount. There are very good games for very good prices. Steam decided to change their tactics regarding the discounts. The franchises got more discounts than single games within the library. Of course, this gives the chance of buying bundles for players. But bundles are not cheap even with a discount and generally if a player is interested in a franchise, they probably already played a game or two from that franchise. But Steam also created additional discount methods for players.

Steam Winter Sale
Image Credit: Steam

First of all, players can sell their in-game items in the market. This is completely legal and the money will be directed to your Steam Wallet.

Players can sell their items by following these simple steps.

  • Open Steam Program
  • Click on Community
  • Click on Market
  • Choose Sell An Item

Afterwards, you can choose to sell the item that you want. Generally, try to sell things that can make a difference to earn some money from it. As we have said before this is completely legal. Players should sell their items from popular games. Also, try to sell it 1-2% cheaper than the median if you want to cash in right away.

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Another method is to use Steams own discount techniques. Currently, there are quests that players can complete to collect Festivity Tokens. These tokens, later on, can be turned into a coupon. However, it will require some time to collect all of them. Also Steam wants you to spend a little bit money to turn it into coupons, therefore, be careful. Even if you can complete all the quests you may not have a coupon. But you can spend your festivity tokens to get chat emoticons, badges, etc at Steam Winter Sale.

To start completing the quests follow these steps.

  • Open Steam Program
  • Click on Store-Featured
  • Click Join us in the SteamVille Holiday Event
  • Choose Fire Click on View the List
Steam Quest list
Image Credit: Steam

You will be able to see Steam Quests to win Festivity Tokens. The quests are very easy to do and there is a new quest each day.

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Steam Winter Sale is not as cheap as before. But still, if you are looking for a bargain it is very good to do right now. Also, keep in mind that discounts are different from country to country, and the prices are getting updated every year. So if you have your eye on something and reluctant, it is better to get it now. Cause next year it can be more expensive. We wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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