The Division 3: A Next-Gen Shooter On Next-Gen Consoles

Will Division 3 happen? Then, what is its release date?

Looter shooter games have grown popular in the last few years. Ubisoft entered into the genre with their The Division series. In this article, we will explore the weather if we get Division 3? And, if we do, what things it is going to have? Let’s get started.

The success story of Division 2

It was Division 1 that propelled the production of Division 2. However, it was not an easy path for Ubisoft as Division 1 was not perfect when released. It was full of hackers who made the game unplayable. 

The content was also not great in the initial release. This made things complicated for Ubisoft as they released patches to fix the issues. Another biggest contribution that made Division 1 launch hard is the graphics controversy. The game was first shown at E3, where they showed a trailer with top-notch graphics. However, when the game was released, there was a graphical downgrade. It pulled the game down too much as game critics enjoyed their field day. Also read about, Mortal Kombat 12: Everything You Want To Know About The Upcoming Release.

The Division 3
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Division 1 finally became good after six months of its release. Patches have now solved hackers’ problems, and the new content also made the game enjoyable.

Soon, Division 2 followed, which improved on Division 1 in every possible way. It was an instant hit among critics and players. 

Division 3: Release Date And Other Speculations

Even though Division 2 was a hit when it comes to critics, it didn’t sell that many copies. The partial reason behind it The Division 1 as it improved over time, and people were preferring it over Division 2. The release of similar looter shooter games, including Destiny, also brought down the sales.

This means that the Division 3 could be quite far away from release. Ubisoft has not provided any release date whatsoever. Also, there is no information about the next iteration in the game series.

We can see a gameplay evolution in Division 3. One of the major concerns and complaints among the players is the lack of diversified enemy types. This can lead to boredom for many players who are looking for more variety in the game.

Apart from that, the Division 3 will also release on new consoles, especially the new Xbox Series X and Playstation 5.

The Next City

Ubisoft can make The Division 3 happen in a new place. The earlier two cities were well done by them. According to many people, it can be a city in the UK, preferably London. But, those can be completely speculations. Others are more adamant in sharing their opinion as they think that The Division 3 will take place in an American city, just like the last two games.

They can also evolve their approach to content updates by providing new cities as DLCs. But, that can be hard work considering that they have to spend more time and money on creating those DLCs.


So, what do you think would happen in The Division 3? Comment below and let us know.

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  1. I love the Division games and can’t wait for 3. I wish they would do it in Los Angeles. That would be awesome

  2. They should keep going down the east coast, atlanta or miami, or start moving it out west like chicago, dallas, or st.louis. However, going to London would be a cool, even though the division is a u.s. thing.

  3. More than likely there will be.. They will want to use next gen tech.. Hopefully it is a different team doing it, and hopefully it is more MMO style with focus on story, and not so much looter.. Gear is great and all, but its getting lame grinding for gear, that gets nurfed, then grind for more gear, only to get nurfed lol. Like I don’t feel I am gearing up, for anything grand..

    Hopefully character models look next gen.. The models in 2 are embarrassing, and ugly.. It just shouldn’t be like that.. Hopefully your character actually has a voice, and speaks, instead of looking like some empty husk of a person.. Put choices in place, that have changes on that player’s world..

    Hopefully it feels more Tom Clancy, and less tumblr.. Meaning enough with all of the cheesy “we need to showcase strong wamen”.. As someone who creates worlds/characters.. I started noticing the absurd amount of female side characters, that made me chuckle, and laugh, as it was kinda unbelievable.. Like every damn engineer you run into, happens to be a female.. Every male agent mentioned.. Is either dead, injured and not mentioned again, or just unimportant.. Not the female ones, who also happen to mostly be poc.. It just got retarded

  4. I 😆 love playing both division games and I would love to see division 3 in Detroit but I am from Michigan lol. I would rather seethe game stay in the US but if they go out of country I think they should choose a smaller county than Russia or United kingdom. Maybe Romania just a thought. Wherever I happens I’ll play it

  5. I’m hoping in the third one we can have our own dogs because now that you can pet them is amazing but let’s talk about owning a dog and having it capable of doing tricks and guarding you and also being set to attack someone like how you do the drones

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