Just like Warframe, Path of Exile has evolved from a Niche to a Popular Hack’n Slays game

Path of Exile of Grinding Gear Games is particularly eye-catching due to its rich character system. Free games offer different categories, which can be improved almost unlimitedly on a vast level board. Path of Exile will regularly provide new content in the form of plug-ins. The action role-playing game Path of Exile has evolved from a clone of Diablo to one of the most popular Hack’n Slays. Many proponents compared this development with the development of the online game Warframe: from the underdog to the king of genres.

A better Diablo?

What is the path of exile? Grind Gear Games released an online action RPG Path of Exile in 2013. It has initially been some more complicated Diablo. In the absence of PoE as an MMORPG, teamwork is the foreground.

You will meet other participants in a hub, interact with them, and invite them to join a group of up to 6 people. Together you will fight hordes of monsters in the wilderness and complete missions. In PoE, finding loot is as vital as in Diablo.

What is the difference between PoE and Diablo 3? The Path of exile is much more complicated. The skill system alone is very profound. You can improve your hero in many ways, which can be scary for casual players.

PoE does not rely on comic-like graphics. It is much heavier and not as polished as Diablo 3. You have to deal with some rough edges. PoE will not run smoothly like Diablo 3.

In the past few years, the path of exile has been developing. There are now ten behaviors that can tell an epic story and provide a lot of content. The community jokingly explained that you could only play Path of Exile full-time generally because it is so extensive. In addition, action RPG also offers many endgame contents that other online games can only dream of.

These are randomly generated areas where you can fight against the monsters in the file, but it brings more significant challenges each time.

The Delve system provides you with a randomly generated mine that you must descend further to face increasing danger. But for this, you will get more and more valuable rewards.

According to your class, if you are facing a dangerous challenge full of traps and monsters in the maze, you can develop heroes in different directions.

Due to a large number of POE Currency and items, each character is unique.

You can design your hideout and use it as a guild headquarters.

The Challenge League ensures that the content is always fresh.

It should also be mentioned that Path of Exile is not a game where developers hope to stop production in the foreseeable future to focus on its successor. It is a long-term plan, and new content should be continuously provided. Therefore, players will find their second hometown in PoE.

How has the Path of exile developed over the years? Immediately after the announcement of the path of exile, feedback from the community played an important role. This is how large-scale communities develop and continue to make suggestions for improvement. These suggestions will be implemented as much as possible, and players can experience them in the new file and further game adjustments.

In September 2014, about a year after the release of the action version of RPG, it had about 7 million players. However, the team did not use this as a basis but released expanded content and added new content, such as advantage levels, mazes, new items, more files, etc.

Gears of War and Path of Exile

This is the reason for the long-standing debate surrounding PoE: Path of Exile has been compared to Diablo 3 time and time again. Which action RPG works better? Why? Those who are disappointed with Diablo 3 because it is more suitable for casual players say that PoE is the true successor of Diablo 2.

The debate has now ended. Path of Exile has developed into a game of its own, which no longer needs to be compared with the Diablo series.

Why compare Gears of War and Path of Exile? At first glance, it may seem strange to reach a game that lives at home in the shooting/action zone with Hack’n Slay RPG. However, both games have achieved similar developments.

Both have a less compelling start and are aimed at budget-conscious hardcore players. However, the regular expansion of the two titles means that they have found more and more followers.

In addition, these two games are compared with the leading representatives of their respective genres: Diablo 3’s Path of Exile and Destiny and other Warframes. But at the same time, these two titles have surpassed this comparison and become their own. Both games also use the Free2Play model, and significant improvements are made regularly.

Path of Exile and Gears of War are both games that have broken through the niche market and achieved great success.

An excellent action role-playing game

Path of Exile is viral: the ratings of games on Steam are very good at 83%. According to the Steam leaderboard, about 41,000 players are playing Hack’n Slay on average, and there are even about 73,000 players at peak times-all of which can only be done through Steam. There is a separate launcher that can even play PoE on Xbox One. A PS4 version is planned for March.

The opinions are primarily positive, but especially those who do not like complex games cannot cope with PoE.

What about microtransactions? The microtransactions of Path of Exile divide the community to some extent. Some people think they are fair, while others think the prices of these POE items and packaging are too high. In the store, you mainly buy cosmetics and stock expansion products. However, the mystery box also introduced loot boxes, but it was not so popular. However, the Pay2Win element does not provide microtransactions.

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