Next-Gen PlayStation 5 Pro Variant May Launch with PlayStation 5

Could the PlayStation 5 Pro Pack 8K Capabilities at 120 FPS?

  • According to a report by journalist Zenji Nishikawa, the PlayStation 5 Pro could be launching with the base PlayStation 5.
  • The upcoming console will pack a Ryzen Zen 2 chipset and a Radeon Navi GPU.
  • The Pro variant of the console is expected to cost up to $150 more than the base model.

Unlike the fourth-generation PlayStation that saw its base, Slim and Pro variants releasing separately, Sony is likely to shake things up with the PlayStation 5. The next-generation consoles will see the launch of the PlayStation 5 Pro along with the base version of the long-awaited product. It is to no one’s surprise that the next-gen PlayStation 5 will offer a significant spec bump over the PS4, but a Pro variant of the console may push things to graphical fidelity levels we have never seen in gaming.

PlayStation 5 Pro to Cost Up to $150 More Than Base PS5 Models

According to Japanese journalist Zenji Nishikawa, the upcoming PlayStation Pro will cost approximately USD 100 to 150 more than the base variant of the console. Sony has also hinted at working on a more powerful variant of the upcoming PS5. With a more powerful version of the console being available at the start of the release cycle, gamers will be less hesitant towards waiting for an upgrade down the line.

While Nishikawa did reveal details about the release of the PS5 Pro, we did not receive any information on the kind of hardware it will pack. The journalist has been pinpoint accurate with his reports and his recent report on the Switch Lite’s release was proven true. According to an older report by PS5 system architect Marck Cerny, the upcoming console will be capable of pushing out 8K graphics, ray tracing and 3D audio. The hardware on the upcoming Sony consoles will rival high-end PCs.

Regardless of the recent claims by Nishikawa, it is to be noted that until Sony confirms the consoles anytime soon, we should take the rumors with a grain of salt. Most reports claim that the upcoming PlayStation 5 Pro and PlayStation 5 will be making it to shelves during the 2020 holiday season or early-2021.

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Pro Dev Kit Render

The PlayStation 5 design was recently leaked via patent drawings. Let’s Go Digital rendered the patent drawings to give us a glimpse of what the upcoming consoles could look like. When it comes to hardware, the PlayStation 5 will feature a Ryzen Gen 2 chip along with a Radeon Navi GPU for maximum performance.

The leaked design was confirmed by developer Matthew Stot, but it was for the PS5 devkit and not an actual PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Pro. Going by past instances of console devkits, the final designs can be vastly different from what we see pre-release. But it is also possible that the upcoming consoles will mirror the design of the devkits with slight tweaks.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the upcoming consoles from Sony. Let us know what features you expect from the upcoming PlayStation 5 and PS5 Pro in the comments below!

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