Ryse: Son of Rome 2: Still Possible?

Ryse: Son of Rome didn’t perform that well (sales wise) in the current gen but maybe Crytek will come up with a stronger shield and a sharper sword in the next gen.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse Son of Rome tells the story of Marius Titus, a Centurion in the ancient Roman army, who finally avenges the murder of his family.

Ryse Son of Rome was a day zero title for Xbox One and with the launch of Xbox Series X Console just around the corner, it’s time the developers had revealed their plans for the next generation console launch due holiday 2021. Also read, Forza Horizon 5.

According to Crytek’s boss Cervat Yerli in an interview with Eurogamer in 2014, Ryse 2 wasn’t entirely cancelled. However, the studio was just waiting for the right time to release the sequel to Ryse Son of Rome which will be Ryse: Son of Rome 2. And with the launch of Xbox Series X just a year away, maybe it’s just the right time for Crytek to release yet another Ryse as a day zero title for Microsoft’s most powerful console ever.

The developers were frustrated at how the game sold on Xbox One. While I did enjoy the game to its fullest, many players found the game rather repetitive. Some even claimed that the whole game seemed like a video being played at 30 frames per second to bore the players to death. Cervat had hinted that the studio would wait till the current gen and next gen caught up.

Keeping all these things in mind, the best time for Ryse: Son of Rome 2 to release seems to be right when Xbox Series X comes out.

Ryse: Son of Rome 2
Image Credit: Crytek

Why do I like Ryse: Son of Rome?

Ryse: Son of Rome was among the first games I purchased on my Xbox One and no doubt I enjoyed it. I really love the way Marius goes into slow motion while slaying the enemies. It’s true that those actions performed by Marius are repetitive but I never find them boring. Even today, I could play the game all day and not get bored.

‘Ryse Son of Rome’ brand was renewed in February 2018. So it’s reasonable to think that Crytek is working on a new Ryse game. Brand renewal can be taken in two ways. The best way to take is that Crytek is working on a new Ryse game so they just wanted to make sure the rights to the name of the good old game they developed still remains with them. Or the studio is just tying up loose ends and legally making Ryse their property. Fans can still wait for Crytek to make the next move around the launch of next-generation consoles.

Will Ryse: Son of Rome 2 Come to PS5?

It’s not even clear if Ryse 2 will ever be released so at this point, it’s totally useless to guess whether the not-sure-but-maybe-it-will-come-out Ryse 2 will be available on PS5.

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