The Best Valorant Agents and Roles to Play For Beginners

Valorant is home to 22 unique Agents with different roles and powerful abilities. After playing all Agents throughout the Acts, there’s no denying that some are way easier to use than others. So, I’ll be helping you out today by choosing five of the best Valorant Agents for beginners, along with explaining which Valorant roles beginners should try out first.

Best Valorant Roles for Beginners

Let’s kick things off by first explaining the roles and what they do. There are a total of four main roles in Valorant, which are Duelist, Initiator, Sentinel, and Controller. Here are their primary functions within a match.


  • Duelists – Usually, a Duelist is the first player to enter a site. They create space by straight-up killing enemies or pressuring them to back off. A Duelist’s kit contains skills that will help them engage in fights and get frags.
  • Initiators – These Agents have information-gathering kits that they can use to “initiate” fights and set up their team for success. An Initiator’s skills will center around team play and the ability to clear corners or angles.
  • Sentinels – Sentinels are the defensive anchors on the team. They are equipped with abilities designed to lock down sites and catch flanking enemies. Like Initiators, they also have information-gathering tools, but to a more passive degree.
  • Controllers – Finally, Controllers will typically dictate the pace of a round. Their abilities are focused on blocking enemy sight lines and creating space by taking away vision. Controllers are considered the most crucial role because of their massive impact on taking and holding sites.

Among the four roles available, two stand out as the most beginner-friendly. So, here are the best Valorant roles for beginners to try out.


Duelists are an inherently popular role in Valorant for a good reason. Their primary objective is to rack up kills. They also feature flashy skills with insane outplay potential, making them an obvious and attractive choice for most players.

Now, you might be wondering, where does beginner-friendly join the mix? Well, most Duelists are actually very easy to play. Featuring great Agents like Reyna, Neon, and Phoenix, who are all relatively easy to get the hang of while still having high ceilings for player growth.

Duelists are selfish and independent Agents who only think about themselves. This makes them a prime choice for beginners because there’s less team-play involved, which opens up more learning opportunities. Not to mention that most of your mistakes will often only lead to you dying instead of costing the whole round for your team.

Just make sure to enter the site, check those corners, create space, and you’ll be good to go.


The other role in Valorant that I recommend for beginners is the Sentinel. In contrast to the Duelist, Sentinels are actually the least popular role in the game. But don’t get discouraged yet. At least, you’ll almost always guaranteed to play your favorite Sentinel Agent.

Sentinels are the perfect pair for beginners because of their chill and passive nature. As a Sentinel, you’ll mostly do all of your setups during the buy phase, giving you a ton of time to relax. Once set up, you’ll rarely have to move your utilities until enemies push your site or when you have to rotate.

Agents like Killjoy, Sage, and Chamber are easy to learn, especially once you have the right ability placements on lock. The most challenging aspect of playing the Sentinel role is knowing where to use your abilities. It requires a bit of map familiarity and common flanking routes, but these are things that you’ll naturally learn when playing Valorant.

Best Valorant Agents for Beginners

Now, let’s move on to specific Agents across all roles that fit well for newbies. We’ll be including at least one Agent per role to help you new recruits start your journey into the fantastic world of Valorant.



Up first is Brimstone, or as the community likes to call him, Daddy Brim. Controller is a naturally hard role. You’ll not only need map knowledge but also great timing if you want to succeed. However, Brimstone definitely makes your life easier because of his very straightforward kit. This limits your need to think about your abilities and allows you to focus more on the game.

Brimstone’s smokes can be deployed using the click of a button, all while giving you an exact idea of where they’ll land. It’s best to toss your Stim Beacon before your team enters the site, while the Incendiary can effectively clear corners or block additional passageways. Finally, your Orbital Strike ultimate has an insanely big radius that will surely kill or force enemies away.



Next up, we have quite possibly the easiest Agent to play in the entire game. Reyna’s entire kit is built around getting kills. In fact, most of her abilities won’t work without getting a frag first. So it’s essential that you have a decent aim when playing Reyna – or else, you’ll get flamed in chat.

Reyna’s Leer should be thrown high or low. It blinds enemies that are looking at the eye and allows you to capitalize and get kills. Once you get the kill, you can either Dismiss or Devour. Dismiss places you in an invulnerable state and gives you time to reposition. On the other hand, Devour heals you as long as you have line of sight to the orb.

Her Empress simply empowers Dismiss and Devour and increases her fire rate. I told you, she was easy. You’ll rarely mess up when playing Reyna, making her a solid beginner pick while still being a demon in solo queue.



Sage is perfect for players who want to take a step back and fill a more supportive role. The best thing about Sage is that her skills require very little aiming but can impact the game a lot. Moreover, Sage’s versatility makes her a valuable addition to most team compositions because who wouldn’t need a healer on their team, right?

As Sage, you’ll mainly need to throw your Slow Orbs whenever you hear enemies near entrances. You can also choose to block highly contested areas with Barrier Orb. Finally, you can provide heals whenever you see a low-health ally and use your revive to bring the numbers back in your favor.



Let’s talk about an alternative Sentinel Agent for Valorant beginners. Killjoy is one of the most powerful Agents in the current meta despite being relatively easy to use. She can effectively hold sites on her own and delay enemies for days. Her power lies within her setups, so make sure to do proper research about the best ability positions for each map. She’s one of the best Agents on Ascent, so I suggest starting there.

Killjoy’s Nanoswarm and Alarmbot combo is great at entrances or common walking places. Place her Turret in an area where it can watch two or more angles simultaneously, and you’ve completed your setup. Lockdown is excellent for retakes or attacks – just try covering as much of the site as possible.



Lastly, we’re down to Fade. Initiators are generally more difficult to play than the other roles because your team relies on you to gather information and clear corners. Fade is by far the easiest Initiator agent in the game while still being a powerful force to deal with.

You can use your Prowlers to clear most close angles and common hiding spots. Your Haunt does the rest and scans open areas. Seize is more situational and can be challenging to utilize effectively. Nonetheless, it can be effective at flushing enemies from their hiding spots. Fade’s ultimate ability is almost impossible to mess up. It’s great for both attacks and retakes; all you have to do is aim at the site and let her rip.


Valorant’s diverse collection of Agents may be overwhelming at first, but you’ll surely get the hang of them as you sink more hours into the game. Start with our recommended Valorant roles and Agents to pick for beginners to grasp the game’s mechanics before moving on to the more difficult Agents. I’m sure you’ll be mastering all the Agents in no time.

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