The Evolution of Online Casino Games and Online Slots Software Development

We live in an era where technological development happens on a daily basis. But not so long ago, major technological breakthroughs didn’t happen that often and the entire world was in awe every time something new was invented that would change our lives for good.

The same happened in 1994 when the first casino software was developed by a small South African company called Microgaming. That same company had been the very first one to bring to life an online casino, a gambling platform that was bound to change the entire casino industry as we once knew it.

The Online Casino Was Born

No one knows for sure if Microgaming had been the first one to launch the first online casino, even though there is much evidence that point towards it. The main confusion arose after different companies claimed that it was them who were the pioneers in launching a gambling platform. But one thing is definitely sure. And that is that in 1994 the Free Trade and Processing Act was passed. This act enabled licencing of online casino websites and paved the way for trustworthy and reliable operators to step into the market. it appears that 1994 was an eventful year since it was also then that the premier online gambling website called The Gaming Club was released.

Two years after that, InterCasino started operating, and in 1998, there were already many different software developers that were working hard to become the best in the online gambling market.

The 2010s

Even though the origin story of the modern online casino dates back to the 90s, it wasn’t before the 2010s that the entire industry started rapidly growing. There are various reasons why this is so. Firstly, technological advancements made it incredibly easy for developers like NetEnt and Playtech to adapt their online casino games for mobile use. The idea that the developers had at the beginning of the 2010s is that one day everyone would be able to access an online casino while they are on the go, using just their mobile devices. And they turned their plans into reality.

Nowadays, we can access games almost anywhere and anytime. Software developers of online casino games are focusing a lot more on animation, graphics, and sound effects. Also, operators are finding new ways to attract new players to their online platforms, since the competition is now more fierce than ever. One of the most popular ways that many online casinos use is by adding special welcome bonuses and promotional offers for people who register for the first time. By reading a review of $5 deposit casinos in Canada or other similar bonus promotions you can find out more on how to use them and why they are good for all new players. One of the first things that you might find out is that all players should always read T&Cs, which they definitely do. This is the best way for them to discover all the requirements of the promotion that they are interested in.

Also, it’s important to mention that the evolution of online casino games is closely connected to the legalization process of online gambling in countries worldwide. The more countries decide to make online gambling legal, the better the games will become since the developers will work even harder to conquer that ever-growing market. Only a handful of US states has legalized this market so far, so we can expect another wave of new casino games after the rest of them join the bunch.

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