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How to Breed Horses in Minecraft?

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After going through this guide, you will know how to breed horses in Minecraft.

Want to learn how to do everything in Minecraft? You’ve come to the right place! This article will walk you through the steps for breeding horses in Minecraft. The very first step would be to tame two horses that will be used for breeding. Give them golden apples and you’ve got a baby horse.

Can I Breed Horses in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Even if you get Minecraft to run on a TI-82, you can breed horses on it too. Mojang has enabled the feature of breeding horses on Minecraft edition.

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Tame and Breed Horses in Minecraft

Step 1: Taming

A horse will gobble 20 apples before it gets tamed. For those who don’t have apples in their inventory, it’s possible to tame horses with no food but it’s quite slow that way.

Horses can be seen loitering around in Plains and Savannas or anywhere grassy. Found your horse? Approach and throw apples at him unless you stop hearing the apples being crunched.

Once your horse has had a full belly, it’s time to mount his back and make him yours.

After mounting the horse, check if some red hearts appear. Can’t see the hearts? You failed to tame the horse! Not totally!

Just mount the horse again and wait for the hearts to appear. I had to mount this guy 4 times before the hearts showed up. Get off your horse and walk around to see if he is actually following you. If he isn’t, you will need to build a wall so as to not let him escape.

The wall can be made of anything from sand block to wooden fence but make sure that it’s at least 2 blocks tall. Make sure that you leave enough room for 3 horses because the 3rd will be spawning there shortly.

Get to know horses better!

Step 2: Time for Breeding

To initiate the breeding process, you will need golden apples. Here’s what you’ll need for crafting golden apples:

  1. 2 normal apples
  2. 16 gold bars: Smelting gold ores in a furnace will yield gold bars.
  3. A crafting table for synthesizing golden apples.

The crafting process can be slightly different depending on your platform. For those who are on PC, place 2 apples in the center and 2 gold blocks each in the peripheral boxes. Add the golden apples into your inventory and select them before entering the fence you made for the horses earlier.

Breed Horses in Minecraft
Image Credit: Pixabay

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Before you give those horses the golden apples, ensure that they are at their maximum health. Feeding a golden apple to a horse with reduced health can result in the yellow apple being used for restoring the horse’s health. On the other hand, give a golden apple to a full health horse and he will be primed for mating.

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Priming the Horses for Mating in Minecraft

Feed a golden apple to each horse and wait for the red hearts to appear over their heads. When both have a red heart over their head, it means they are all set for breeding.

Give it a few more seconds and a fowl will spawn in the enclosure. And that’s how you breed a horse in Minecraft.

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