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RuneScape Gold: Ways to Make More Gold in RuneScape

Let’s get you rich!

As soon as you jump into the game and learn the basics, you are going to figure out that everything costs a considerable amount of gold in Runescape. You will know that making more gold and buying whatever you wish is going to be the prime objective of this game.

This guide has been designed to help you with making more gold in RuneScape. And no! You don’t need any kind of membership for making money with the techniques given in this guide. There are a lot of different ways for earning in Runescape but we have covered the easiest ones here.

Let’s get right into the methods for making more gold in RuneScape.

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Get Them Bronze Bars (First Step in Getting RuneScape Gold) 

For making more money in RuneScape, you are going to need some money initially. Start off by mining tin and copper ores around the map. With the copper and tin extracted from their ores, you can smelt them for making bronze bars. Next up is to craft an item (using the bronze bar) that would fetch a good enough amount in the RuneScape marketplace.

There’s a mine beside Varrock, which is considered the go-to mining site for beginners. Once you have collected 140 tin as well as copper from their ores, deposit them in the bank (there’s one in Varrock itself).

Smelting of copper and tin can be done in a place called Burthrope. Head to Burthrope in a lodestone (if it’s already activated). For those who haven’t activated lodestone yet, you can leg it to Burthrope (although this is going to take some time).

Head to the bank in Burthrope and withdraw the deposits that you made in Varrock earlier. After collecting 140 bronze bars from the smelter, you can go ahead with making weapons and armors.

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RuneScape Gold
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Make Weapons and Armors with Bronze Bars and Sell Them for Gold in RuneScape

With bronze bars ready in your inventory (after processing copper and tin in the smelter), it’s time to make something worthy with the processed item.

Items can be crafted at the same anvil where you smelted copper and tin earlier. Click on the anvil and a crafting window will appear where you can design weapons and armors with the bronze bars.

Figure out the ‘Return on Investment’ for different items that could be crafted using the bronze bars. Make sure you stick to crafting those items that are being sold for more gold. For instance, the bronze sword is the best item you can craft using bronze bars because it fetches maximum gold per bar.

A bronze sword sells for a whopping 501 golds in RuneScape. Ready with the bronze sword? Time to head to Varrock and do some business at the Grand Exchange.

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The Grand Exchange

Every item you craft in RuneScape can be auctioned for at the Grand Exchange located in Varrock. Yes! You better get that lodestone unlocked post-haste because if you really wish to earn money, it’s going to take a lot of trips around the map (and you must always return to the Grand Exchange for selling your collection).

Your bronze sword is deposited in the bank and you should pick it up from the nearest banker (the one located just next to the Grand Exchange) before exchanging it for gold.

Your inventory in RuneScape is only capable of holding 28 items. Switch to note withdrawal mode for getting all your crafted items as notes. To activate note withdrawal, click on that note near the sword icon (which is located right underneath the ‘Load Preset’ option).

After you reach the Grand Exchange with crafted items, it’s time to keep them on sale in exchange for gold. Right-click on the item that you want to sell and click on ‘Offer Bronze (Name of Item Being Sold)’.

Set the rate for your item in the next window. Want your items to sell fast? Go ahead with offering a 5% discount by pressing the ‘-5%’ button. Upon finishing your listing, click on the ‘Confirm Offer’ button and it will go on sale instantly. In case the demand for the item you are selling is not robust enough, you will have to wait for a considerable amount of time before seeing them items off your inventory.

Once your offerings are sold, withdraw the gold to your bank or directly to your backpack.

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