The top five tennis games of all time

No matter what device or console, tennis games have remained popular across the years with gamers. With one of the biggest tournaments in tennis, Wimbledon, just around the corner and people getting excited by looking at Wimbledon new betting sites, what other alternatives can get you in the mood? Gaming can. So what games could you play to get yourself in the mood for the tennis tournament?

  1. Virtua Tennis series

No game has stood out more than Virtua Tennis. Created by Sega in 1999 Virtua Tennis was an instant hit among gamers. It was Virtua Tennis 2 though that really captured the fan’s addiction. With the arcade version doing wonders in arcades across the world, it also moved onto the way ahead of its time console PSP where gamers could play tennis on the move.

Virtua Tennis is also available on mobile with the game with over 5 million downloads on the Play Store.

  1. Wii Sports

Wii Sports most famous games are bowling, baseball and tennis. The tennis game even featured on the TV show How I Met Your Mother with Marshall proclaiming “This is Wimbledon!” With the Wii incorporating the motion technology with the remote it was certainly one for the whole family. With the ability to play as your own Mii character it made it more fun to see a cartoon you playing on the screen scampering across the court.

To this day there are still gamers streaming on Twitch their Wii sports gaming sessions.

  1. Mario Tennis

A game that has stood the test of time across many different Nintendo platforms and is still continuing. Since its arrival on the strangest console the Virtual Boy it was a hit but in 2000 Mario made his first appearance on the Nintendo 64 and it got all the plaudits for its gameplay. Being able to play as your favourite Mario characters is what has kept the game series going.

Mario tennis has even featured on the Wii switch with Mario Tennis Aces.

  1. Top Spin 

Another tennis series that was rated solidly by the reviews. With the move to PS3 and Xbox 360, this is where the game grew into its own. With advanced graphics and improved gameplay, the game surpassed Virtua Tennis on the next generation consoles and dominated the tennis gaming scene. With career mode dominating the game you were also able to play as the best tennis stars such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams.

Will Top Spin make an unexpected return to PS5 and Xbox anytime soon?

  1. Grand Slam Tennis

A game made by EA, the leading force in sports gaming, and one that again captured gamers time. One feature that really set it apart from other tennis games was the ESPN Grand Slam Classics mode which allowed you to play from tournaments in the 1980s to the 2000s. Grand Slam Tennis also allowed you to play fantasy games.

Much like Top Spin, there is a gap in the market for another tennis game on the next generation consoles and EA could explore the idea.

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