What is Gamification?

Gamification is a powerful and versatile tool that is applicable in almost all areas of life: e-commerce, mobile and computer games, applications, service sites, selling goods, working with employees, education, and many other areas. In all of the above cases, gamification raises the level of engagement through various game elements.

What is gamification and why is it needed?

Gamification is the application of game elements in a certain environment in order to increase the involvement of its participants in a certain process. Gamification tasks can be different.

Let’s analyze some of the most relevant areas for the use of gamification:

Mobile applications

Mobile applications can relate to different areas of human activity. It could be a sports training and fitness app. In this case, it will be easier to effectively apply gamification as bonuses and rewards to complete the plan. Also, the competitive factor or the grouping of users into teams will play a strong role in this. In this case, the user will strive to defeat his opponent, forgetting that he spends more and more time in the application.

Computer and mobile games

Gamification in computer games is designed to tie the user to the gameplay more strongly – to cause intrigue, interest in further events, increase the number of visits to the game and the time spent in the game. Gamification also creates a competitive process between players, which also has a good effect on involvement in the game. Any gamification without good design will work poorly, so we recommend that you turn to 2d animation services, which will make high-quality packaging and design.

Online Banking

Approximately 10 years ago, banks began to develop mobile applications for their customers. This greatly facilitated customer service and was positioned as an additional bonus in customer service (as an appendage to offline branches and cash desks). Now the client cannot imagine a modern bank without a mobile application, since in modern realities this is its main component. In order for the bank to be able to successfully compete in the market and retain customers, a high level of gamification is its primary need: discounts, points and bonuses significantly increase customer loyalty and retain them.

Online shopping

Also, gamification is actively used in online stores and, in principle, throughout e-commerce. Gamification is needed as an increase in brand loyalty, customer attachment and creation of new reasons for buying. Some of the most common gamification techniques are giving coupons to customers for a certain amount of purchases, motivating customers to buy through discounts for a limited time, and also through collecting special cards with characters for children that are given for purchases. Therefore, gamification both in offline trading and in e-commerce is deeply rooted in their marketing.


Gamification in education has long proven its effectiveness. It makes learning even more effective and also sparks even more interest in learning. The oldest method of gamification in education is student assessment. Modern approaches in the gamification of education offer a lot of new gaming methods. One of the most interesting is when training takes place in the form of a computer game, where passing a new level means gaining new knowledge and testing. This method has become widespread in the study of languages, programming, mathematics and other relevant areas.

Employee management

There are many systems and applications for organizing the work and communication of employees. And they are no exception in the application of gamification. The competitive factor and bonuses motivate employees to be the best and earn more.

As you already understand, gamification is a very flexible and effective tool in any business area. With it, a company can motivate employees to work more efficiently, customers to buy more, fans of computer or mobile games to get even more involved in the game and have fun. And in the case of hobbies and sports, gamification motivates people even more to compete and achieve success in this.

In order to successfully implement gamification in your business, we recommend contacting the bestĀ  gamification company, which is guaranteed to implement gamification in any type of business.

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