YouTube Gaming Clips of the Week!

We’re proud to present the “YouTube Gaming Clips of the Week” in collaboration with Mixer streamer Universe_Divide. Time to vote for the clip you think is best! This week respect takes the stand! Will the hammer of gaming justice come down swift and heavy? Let’s find out!

To start, we have Apex Legends. Who doesn’t like to get blasted in the face? Especially when you’ve waived the white flag and begged the gaming gods for mercy. It would be quite an inopportune moment of misery to take a grenade to the Kopf (head) β€” which is exactly what happens. With his opponent blatantly on the ropes, our main man hurls “a nade” like he’s trying to land shoes on a 1980’s Brooklyn power line. Instead of hanging those Jordans for the whole hood to see, our amateur bombardier lands some ordinance square on his opponent’s head. Grenade 1, head 0! DISRESPECT!

Second up Fortnight. Taking a sniper shot to the noggin is generally painful enough, but to add insult to injury, our virtual vixen launches one from atop a floating bottle rocket. So unnecessary, yet so satisfying. Brains go boom now! DISRESPECT!

Third up Fortnight once again. Our pumpkin-head hero suspects something sinister to be afoot in his tool shed, so he tosses in a trap to catch and kill any malfeasance that might be hiding within. After a quick inventory check, pumpkin-head gleefully dabs his way into his newfound weapons cache, when BOOM – he’s exploded by a trap waiting for him β€” his shed boobytrapped by his prey. Fortnight? More like Foresight! SELF DISRESPECT!

Check out the video and let’s hear your thoughts. Remember it’s all about supporting streamers.

This Week On” is a web series that brings together the best epic, funny, and fail clips from gamers around the internet. The show takes three clips, puts them head-to-head and then lets YOU decide which one is best! This is the first episode of Season 2, which is slated through September. New episodes are released every Thursday 11 am PST (2 pm EST).

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