How to Get BP-1 Pathfinder Skin in Apex Legends

Players can earn the Pathfinder BP-1 Jedi Fallen Order Skin.

Apex Legends is improving their game. Fortnite and PUBG created such a dominance over the Battle Royale genre for so long, we believed that Apex Legends might fail. However, the initial launch was amazing. The game reached 50 million players in a month. Afterwards, the bugs and hacks pushed many players to drop this game. However, after Season 3, Meltdown Apex Legends fixed most of those problems. Today Apex Legends passed over 70 million registered players. This is an incredible number, but it is still much lesser than Fortnite, and we do not know about PUBG’s official sales numbers.

Apex Legends
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Apex Legends came with a new system into this genre. Apex Packs was earnable by players, to earn various weapons or character skins. The game has a lot of skins, and most of them look amazing. Especially the weapon skins are very impressive. Character skins are great also, but since it is a first-person shooter, you are not even able to see your skin. But as we said before, they are pretty great. Apex Legends decided to make a collaboration with Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order game. This is a very good move because Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was one of the best games of this year. This is an interesting event to have because we know that, previously Fortnite did this with Star Wars, Batman and Borderlands.

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Players will be able to earn Pathfinder Skin called BP-1, which is  BD-1 skin from the game. The skin does look fantastic and it certainly speaks to the Star Wars fans. The skin was inspired by the robot from Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. So how do you get the Pathfinder BP-1 skin?

Players just need to log in to the game between December 3rd and January 14th and the skin will be delivered to everyone instantly. Which means everyone can have it, without any challenges. We would prefer to have the challenges because BP-1 skin will be like the default skin. However one can only wonder while Fortnite offered Stormtroopers, why did Apex Legends offered only this skin? Because Apex Legends developers also developed the Jedi Fallen Order game. But still, it is a nice skin to add it to your library. It is really difficult now to earn a legendary skin from the Apex Packs. Therefore this skin will be a nice addition.

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