IGI Origins to Continue The Legendary Project IGI Saga in 2021

The iconic franchise is making a comeback after two decades since the release of Project IGI

For a lot of 90s kids, Project IGI was one of the first “modern” shooters they got their hands on. While it might now be the most critically acclaimed game of all time, the nostalgic value attached to the title cannot be undermined. Originally released in 2000, the game was a massive success and was quickly followed up by Project IGI 2 in 2003. We have never received an IGI game since then, but that will be changing with IGI Origins. The third instalment in the IGI franchise will be making it to all major platforms in 2021.

What to Expect From IGI Origins

If you are not familiar with the original IGI games, IGI Origins will be focusing heavily on stealth and action. Both gameplay elements blend perfectly if the older titles are anything to go by. While you do have the option of going in all guns blazing, you need to be stealthy to avoid detection and jeopardizing your missions.

The game is set in the year 1980, and you will be playing as Regent. As an officer of the MI6, you will be tasked with various responsibilities to ensure the safety of the nation. You will be going through a number of missions throughout the campaign. In the third iteration of the game, we will be focusing on the Institute of Geotactical Intelligence.

IGI Origins
Image Credit: Interloop Studios

The arsenal of weapons we will be getting access to will have a ton of variety this time around. Depending on your actions, the difficulty of the game will keep on adjusting. The goal is to get as much information out of the IGI as possible and find the truth about the organization’s origins.

IGI Origins is set to hit shelves in 2021 and is currently in development. What do you think about IGI Origins? Let us know in the comments below.

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