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Become a master at survival with our ultimate Last of Us guide

Welcome to our Last of Us Wiki, where we take a look at some of the best tips and tricks to help you survive against the Infected. The game was originally out on the PS3, and it is one of the best narrative-driven single-player experiences of all time. Horror games are not for everyone, and we do not blame you if you need help from our Last of Us Walkthrough to deal with the zombies in-game.

Last of Us Wiki – Using Distraction

The Last of Us Wiki
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The best tool at your disposal is distraction. It is our number one tip in our Last of Us Wiki. With limited ammo and resources, you cannot afford to fight everyone. Which means that you need to make your way through tons of enemies while using distractions. If you head into battle unarmed, you are either going to die or find yourself out of resources for the later stages. Try to pick up bricks and make use of the enemies’ attraction towards sound to make your way through levels.

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Enemy Types

While all types of Infected enemies are dangerous and can kill you in a matter of seconds, they all have their distinct weaknesses. Runners are fastest of the lot, but they can also be dealt with fairly easily with your melee weapons, making them less of a threat than you may think. Clickers are the most dangerous in face-to-face situations as they can rip through your skull instantly. Bloaters deal with the most damage, but you can avoid them without much effort as long as you are careful.

Using Cover

The Last of Us
Image Credit: Naughty Dog

This tip does not even need to be included in our Last of Us Wiki, but seeing how most players do not make use of cover in games; we just had to repeat the obvious. A lot of players tend to ignore the importance of cover, and this tip not only applies to Last of Us but any horror game that you run into. You should be crouching and making use of objects to break line of sight at all times. If your location is exposed, it won’t be too long until you’re making a run for it and run into more enemies.

Listening Mode

Joel’s special ability Listening Mode can be very handy. It lets you have a tactical advantage over other enemies, especially against the infected. By using the ability, you will be able to listen in on enemies and make out their outlines. You leave yourself vulnerable when in listening mode, so ensure you are using it when you are in cover. Using the ability to its maximum potential lets, you avoid sticky situations. You should also max out the ability to improve the range as much as possible for better coverage.

Plan Exits

Try to figure out the objects and where you can escape from before engaging. This will let you run to the nearest exit and proceed to the next area as soon as possible. A lot of the time, enemies do not move outside of a particular area, and you should use it to your advantage.

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