Apex Legends Ban Wave is On

Apex Legends is banning players who abused a bug.

Battle Royale games changed gaming forever. Today some of the most popular games out there are Battle Royale games. Started with indie companies and made its way to even most known franchises out there such as Battlefield and Call of Duty. Nearly every big gaming company released a Battle Royale game in the last 3 years. Apex Legends is one of them coming from EA and Respawn partnership.

Apex Legends is an immensely popular game. However, this popularity is a comeback actually for this game. When the game was first released the game broke several world records. They were able to reach 50 million players a month after the release. However, afterwards, players started to notice a lot of problems with the game. These problems were multiple. First of all the bugs were insane. There were several different instant death bugs. Also, the hackers, the most problematic thing a multiplayer game can have was everywhere.

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This continued for several months and Apex Legends nearly lost 2/3’s of their player base. However, after several updates, Apex Legends is finally making a comeback. Will they be announced as Fortnite Killer again? We are not so sure. However, they’re making a comeback regardless.

Recently there was a game-breaking bug reported. Expectedly Apex Legends took immediate action against bug abusive cheating. This bug is very easy to abuse. Apex Legends has a Ranked match system and this system is easy to understand. According to your skills and placements in the matches, you can have a better rank or not. However, some players found a bug that breaks the system. When two of their teammates are downed or eliminated the last player can Alt+F4 out of the match and the match will not be registered into the system.

This is, of course, an unintentional bug. However, maybe the most interesting thing is most of the online games out there do not punish abusing bugs. For example, Rainbow Six Siege community was extremely angry with the invisibility bug several seasons ago and the developers did not take any action against the players who abused it. They have stated that this is not hacking. However, Respawn Entertainment is taking another approach and they are starting to ban these players. Last night we have seen a lot of bans around the world. This is a very strong statement from Apex Legends on their approach to cheating. 

Apex Legends
Image Credit: EA Apex Legends

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Apex Legends did not have an easy journey until now. Just recently the community managers and the players argued on Reddit over the microtransactions. We have started to see these arguments more and more in recent months, therefore, we will refrain from commenting on it.

But if we get back to the situation; Apex Legends is making a comeback. They are making good moves for their game. The new map and the new legend changed the game. Also recently, there have been many leaks on the next Legend. Fortnite is in decline and Apex Legends can be the next big thing with the right moves. 

If you want to play Apex Legends, you can download it from your Origin Client today. 

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