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Battlefield 2042 DirectX Error: We Have Fixed it!

Let's put you back in the game!

Getting DirectX Error while playing Battlefield 2042 on PC? We know exactly why that is happening and this guide has been designed to get you out of the DirectX mess that DICE has put you in.

We have received complaints from players that they are getting DirectX Error while playing Battlefield 2042 on PC and the issue does not seem to go away even though DICE has come up with a bunch of patches.

DirectX Error pops up when you are launching the game or in the middle of a fight when a lot of stuff is happening on the screen.

Why DirectX Error Occurs in Battlefield 2042?

The main reason for DirectX Error in Battlefield 2042 is an incompatibility between the game and the current version of DirectX powering your system. PC gamers should always make sure that their DirectX, .NET Framework, C++ Redistributable Packages are all up to date in order to avoid random errors in newly released games.

Merely updating the DirectX version on your system will not ensure that DirectX Error issue with Battlefield 2042 gets solved.

Apart from updating the DirectX version to the latest, here are a few more things you might have to do for addressing DirectX Error with Battlefield 2042.

  1. Get the latest driver update for your graphics card.
  2. Also, install the optional updates for Windows 10.
  3. Verify integrity of game files.

Keep in mind that you will need an internet connection for following the steps highlighted in this guide.

Warning: In case your graphics card has gotten faulty (preferably a hardware issue), you might get a DirectX error just when the game tries to load graphical content. One of the writers here at Gamers Suffice was encountering DirectX issues with virtually every game and it took him at least a month to figure out that his graphics card was toast. More on this later.

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While DICE hasn’t come up with an official troubleshooting guide for fixing everything DirectX with Battlefield 2042, we decided to collect all possible solutions and put them into this one here at Gamers Suffice. Once the DirectX issue gets fixed, you don’t have to follow the remaining steps in this guide. For instance, if installing the latest DirectX update from Microsoft (covered in the second step) addresses the issue you are facing, you don’t have to go about fresh installing your graphics card driver with DDU (which has been covered in the third step). Don’t forget to let us know in the comments about the fix that worked for you.

Do You Meet the System Requirements?

DirectX error is associated with your graphics card and therefore, you must check and make sure that your graphics card is capable enough to run Battlefield 2042.

DICE has mentioned that a GTX 1050Ti would be able to handle Battlefield 2042 and if I were to run the game on that very card, I would strictly set the preset to ‘Lowest’. If you have something more powerful than the minimum system requirements for Battlefield 2042, you can mess around with advanced graphics settings. Trying to run Battlefield 2042 on a GTX 750Ti? You are more than likely to face DirectX error and the only way around this is a graphics card upgrade.

Get the Latest Version of DirectX from Microsoft to Fix Error in Battlefield 2042

The most common cause for DirectX error with any game running on Windows 10 is an outdated DirectX version powering the system.

Check if the DirectX running on your Windows 10 system is in the latest version by initializing the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

  • Press the CTRL+R buttons on your keyboard to bring up ‘Run’ command.
  • Type dxdiag in the text box and press ‘Enter’.
  • Head to the ‘System’ tab and compare the version number mentioned here to the data available at Microsoft’s official site for DirectX.
Battlefield 2042 DirectX Error
Image Credit: EA

Click here to download the older DirectX files from 2015 and earlier if you are trying to run an old game. Keep in mind that running games designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 on a Windows 10 system will require older DirectX and C++ Package as well as special features like ‘DirectPlay’.

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Reinstall Graphics Card Driver with DDU

When there are issues with the graphics card driver, your system will run into random DirectX errors. To eliminate the possibility of a corrupt graphics driver causing your system to encounter DirectX errors, a fresh install of the latest version of graphics driver is required. You can go through the process of fresh installation by using DDU.

Click here to learn more about DDU.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you must be running the graphics driver designed specifically for your system. It just means you should not run the graphics driver for a desktop GTX 1650 on a laptop. Installing the wrong graphics driver with DDU can have severe consequences. One of the users ended up installing the graphics driver for desktop RTX 2070S on his laptop. Guess what happened next? The graphics card on his laptop had a power draw issue preferably rooting from the driver mismatch.

Install Optional Windows Updates

Although getting the optional updates doesn’t solve a lot of issues, it’s always worth trying as a last resort. Here’s how you can fetch the optional updates on Windows 10.

  • Head to the Start Menu and click on the ‘Cog’ icon to access Settings.
  • Click on the tab that says ‘Updates and security’ and a new window will appear.
  • Click on the option that says ‘Check for Updates’ and a list of available updates will appear after some time.
  • Make sure that you download all of them.

Verify Integrity of Game Files (Only for Owners of Battlefield 2042 on Steam)

If the files of Battlefield 2042 have gone bad or the game’s cache has gotten corrupt, DirectX error can occur. For owners of Battlefield 2042 on Steam, you can use the built-in file verification tool to address this issue.

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