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Charge PS4 Controller: How to Guide

Prepping for that late night Warzone session? Make sure your controller is up for it!

If you have a PS4 controller which is not working properly then your gaming device is nothing but a heavy junky machine. Nowadays, most people use wireless PS4 controllers, but, irrespective of how convenient they are, the need for charging these controllers is still there. If you know the correct way to charge the PS4 controller, then well and good, but if you don’t know, then we are here to help you with this guide. So, without any further delay, let’s take a look at how to charge a PS4 controller. 

Procedure for Charging PS4 Controller

PS4 controllers come with rechargeable batteries, and you need to charge them from time to time to continue playing your favorite games on PS4. Whenever you get an indication that your PS4 controller battery is running low, then you can charge it up in any one of the following ways, either by using the gaming console or by a wall outlet. First, let’s talk about how you can get your gaming controller charged by using the PlayStation console. 

If you are playing the game while sitting close to your console, all you need to do is connect the controller to one of the USB ports on the console, and it will start charging on its own. You will feel a vibration as soon as it starts getting charged using the console. 

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In case you are sitting slightly away from the console, you can use a micro USB cable, which is capable of charging the gaming controller faster, compared to the method mentioned earlier. Just connect one end of that micro USB cable to the controller and connect another end of that USB port on your computer or any other power source nearby. 

You will be notified when the controller has been fully charged. The small light on the front side of the controller will stop blinking after being fully charged. As soon as the light gets solid, you can disconnect the USB cable or disconnect the controller from the console to continue playing from your spot in the room. 

Charge PS4 Controller
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Is It Possible to Charge a PS4 Controller From a Wall Outlet?

Getting stuck in the middle of the game is the worst nightmare for a gamer. This can happen to you if your controller dies while playing a game. You can charge a controller from any wall outlet in your house while playing without worrying about losing the game progress. 

All you need is a micro USB cable and an AC adapter to charge the PS4 controller. The process is quite simple as you need to plug one end of the USB cable into the designated port, located in front of the PS4 controller and plug the adapter into an outlet.

Voltage Check!

Now, as you know how you can charge a PS4 controller, it’s time to check the ideal voltage for charging so that your controller does not get fried due to voltage mismatch. You should use a 5V charger, which causes no harm to the controller’s battery. The 5V charger prevents the battery from getting overcharged by regulating the voltage whenever needed. Overheating is another issue that stops gamers from using the controller right after charging. This variant of the charger also helps in keeping the battery cooler which in turn solves the problem of overheating. 

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Reasons Why Your PS4 Controller is Not Charging

Several things can cause the problem of a PS4 controller not getting charged. Let’s take a quick look at the possible reasons behind this issue.

  1. An issue within the charging port: If debris gets deposited in the charging port or if there is a physical barrier in the charging port, you need to remove that to make it functional again. 
  2. Damaged USB cable: The USB cable that you are using might get worn out with time. This might come off as an obstruction when you are charging your controller. If your cable is worn out, get a new one post-haste. 
  3. An issue within your console: The problem might be with the PS4 itself. Just reset the controller, and if that does not work, restarting your gaming console might do the trick.
  4. Hardware malfunction: Hardware malfunctions happen when either the battery or the charging port fails to work. You can easily have both of these replaced. If you can’t do that on your own, take it to a professional.

PS4 Controller Low On Battery? Find Out How

You can tell that the battery in your PS4 controller is running low by looking at the light on its back. If you see the red light flashing, it indicates that your battery is running low. Another way is to look at the OLED screen in front of the controller, where the battery icon in one corner will be blinking in red color to let the user know that it is low. 

The Bottom Line

Know how to charge your PS4 controller from time to time, and you can use either one of the above-mentioned methods to charge the controller. Keep playing your favorite games, and don’t forget to charge to prevent any unnecessary stoppage while gaming.

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