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Xbox One Not Turning On: Run This Checklist Now!

If there’s a problem with your Xbox One’s Power Supply Unit (PSU, in short), your console is not going to turn on at all!

More often than not, Xbox One will show the issue of not turning on if those power cables get loose. Xbox One probably wouldn’t undergo any hardware failure unless you pour water through those vents.

After reading this guide, you will be able to

  1. Check the power cables and make sure everything’s in place.
  2. Reset the power supply unit if the console still fails to boot.

Xbox One Console Not Turning On!

There are 3 reasons behind an Xbox One not turning on.

A Damaged Power Cable

The power cable that came with your Xbox One are the official ones and people have had little to no complaints regarding the quality of Microsoft included cables. The HDMI cable also works like a charm but sometimes, due to manufacturing defects, some units may come with a substandard cable, which will work fine for a couple of days but may go out of order sooner than later.

Maybe your cable has been physically damaged. Have you recently moved your console table? Maybe the cable got pressed against your table edge. Ensure that your cable has no external wear and the connections have not been tampered with.

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A Power Brick That Has Failed

The earlier models of Xbox One came with huge power bricks and nobody really liked this but Microsoft had a reason to make it that way. Xbox One was designed to run continuously for 10 years and if someone wanted to do that, he would have to literally keep the console connected to a wall outlet 24*7. If there is a power surge, the bulky brick is supposed to protect your console from hardware damage. The power brick comes with a built-in surge protector so it’s less of a bulk and more of a lifesaver.

Were there any recent power surges in your locality? If your console was left turned on during a lightning storm, it most probably has faced a power surge. In that case, you would have to buy a new Microsoft certified power brick for getting your console to start again.

Understanding the Power Brick

If the indicator on your power brick is white and you pull the console’s cord off the wall outlet, it’s like taking your oxygen mask off inside a depressurized fuselage. Xbox One comes with a mechanical hard drive so it’s insanity if you pull the power cord without letting the console shut down properly. You risk irreversibly damaging the hard drive by doing so. Therefore, cut the power supply only after the indicator in your power brick turns orange.

In ‘Instant On’ mode, you are never supposed to cut the power supply to your console.

Xbox One Malfunction and Not Turning On

Xbox One may not turn on at all if a hardware component has failed. Solving hardware-related issues is beyond the scope of this article so if the above-mentioned steps don’t bring your console back to life, you will have to send it to Microsoft for repair. Hardware malfunction may occur following a liquid spillage or if you dropped your console.

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Overheating can also cause certain components to malfunction. Has your console restarted unexpectedly in the middle of a game and you got a message highlighting an overheating issue afterward? Make sure the vents on your console are clear and place the console in a way that would ensure seamless airflow.

Xbox One Not Turning On
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Light Pattern in Power Brick

  1. LED is Solid On (White or Orange)

Press the ‘Home’ button on your controller and the console should start normally.

If your controller can’t do the job, manually press the ‘Xbox Logo’ on your console and it should load up.

If pressing the ‘Xbox Logo’ doesn’t cut it, your console is getting a two-way ticket to a Microsoft service center.

  1. LED is Blinking (or Entirely Off)

There is an issue with your power brick. Microsoft has stopped shipping Xbox One so you will have to check with 3rd party retailers to see if they have a Microsoft certified power brick on sale. Pick up a new power brick and your console is ready to roll!

Resetting the Power Brick When Xbox One is Not Turning On

Resetting the power brick takes merely 2 minutes and solves the issue of an Xbox One not turning on in 80% of cases (I said that).

  1. Pull the cord, that comes from your power brick, off the wall outlet.
  2. From the back of your Xbox One, unplug the cord that comes from the power brick. This cord looks like a shotgun barrel.
  3. Wait for 20 seconds.
  4. Reconnect everything back in their place.
  5. You have successfully reset the power brick. Your console should start normally now.

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