Is Overwatch Dying?

Overwatch 2 is on the way. However can Overwatch survive?

Overwatch is without a doubt one of the best games of the last decade. The 2010s are over and now we’re in the 2020s. This decade will be very different from the last one. This is a statement for the video games industry. Overwatch shaped many things in today’s gaming. Blizzard came out of its shell and announced a shooter game. This was very interesting, to begin with. Later on, the game was released and it destroyed the market. The hero shooter’s genre is not founded by Overwatch, but they did improve a lot. The game was number one for some time. However, something unexpected happened. A new gaming genre was born, and it took over the FPS titles. This genre was Battle Royale. Battle Royale games entered and swooped a big player base, from games like Overwatch.

Overwatch is still one of the biggest games in the world. The game has a huge player base. However, this player base got smaller over time like many titles. Overwatch 2 was announced at BlizzCon 2019. Do you believe the new game will save the series? This is a very hard question to answer. First of all, Overwatch is a team-based game. Therefore, players need to be in teams to play. This makes the game undesirable for streamers. These days streamers are very important for marketing. That is why Battle Royale games became so popular. Because it was the best streamer game that you can ask for. However, this game is not like that. So is Overwatch dying?

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No, at least not for some time. Yes, the game lost a lot of players over the years. However, there is a very loyal fanbase. Some are suggesting that the game can be offered on Steam as well as Battle.Net. This will be a better platform for players to try the game. Overwatch 2 is going to add some flavor to the game for sure. But, original Overwatch players do not need to buy the new game. This was a good announcement by Blizzard. This will keep the player base together. Except for the multiplayer game, the other parts of the game such as the campaign will not be available to Original Overwatch owners.

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Also, there is still some time to do save the game. Their competitors are also preparing new titles. For example, Riot Games is preparing Project A. This will be a very interesting game. Because it does look like a direct competitor to Overwatch, with hero mechanics. Blizzard needs to make fast and direct decisions to satisfy the player base. Currently, the meta of the game is restricting players. The meta of the game became too rigid. There are additional problems with their marketing, and how Blizzard perceived around the world. After the Blitzchung accident, there were many problems for Blizzard regarding their integrity as a company.

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