Most Played Games Among Students

Nowadays, video games gain popularity among different categories of people, including adults and older people. However, young people who are school and college students remain the target audience of game developers. 90% of them can’t imagine their lives without playing games. Fortunately, the attitude of society towards gaming changes, and it isn’t perceived negatively. Video games help students get rid of stress, rest, learn new information about historical events, and enjoy many other benefits.

Unfortunately, they don’t have enough time to play all the new and enjoy spending time playing the old beloved ones. But the opportunity to get academic assistance online helps students bring their dreams into reality. The good thing is that no matter what and where you’re studying, you can find help. If you don’t want to pay for the assistance, download free essays on finance, management, or business and create your stunning essay or term paper. Sometimes professors ask students to select a topic, but it is rather difficult for many of them. In such a situation, get topics for management essays and papers here and impress your professor.

Let’s find out why video games are so interesting and popular among students. Why do they spend most of their free time playing them? We’ll review only the most popular games, so don’t get disappointed if you won’t find new releases here.

  • GTA 5

This game is world-famous, and even those who dislike video games seem not to be fans of this pastime like the GTA game series. This game is the newest in the series, although it was released in 2013. Students mainly like GTA 5 because of the opportunity to play GTA online. All people who’ve purchased the 5th game are allowed to play online with friends. GTA 5 has a traditional plot: events take place in San-Andreas, a fictional USA state. The plot revolves around three burglars who organize robbery, oppose other gangs and police.  By the way, those who want to enjoy GTA Online without purchasing GTA 5 will be able to do it very soon.

  • Sea Of Thieves

College life is so ordinary and boring, so all students need some adventure. Sea of Thieves allows them to feel as if they’re captains of the pirate ship. It’s a multiplayer game, so it’s easy to understand why students like playing it. Sea of Thieves is available on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. It’s a perfect game to learn and practice teamwork, even though it’s virtual. The size of your ship depends on the number of players. If you play alone, your ship is small and you can operate it alone. But if you play with a group of friends, you’ll have a huge vessel.

  • Fortnite

Fortnite was released long ago, especially by the standards of video games — in 2017. And despite this, thousands of students worldwide are obsessed with playing it. There are three different game modes, and players can choose between them depending on what they want: play 1-vs-1 or play in a group versus environment. The third mode lets them build a world from the ground up as if they’re playing Minecraft. Fortnite often cooperates with famous stars. Last year, players could enjoy visiting a virtual performance of Travis Scott. According to the recent news, Ariana Grande will soon perform on Fortnite, so if you’re a fan of this star, don’t forget to visit the concert.

  • Minecraft

Once we mentioned Minecraft in the previous description, it would be a big mistake to skip it here. Even though it seems that Minecraft is popular only among kids, a lot of college students can’t imagine their lives without playing it. Those who consider Minecraft not interesting and boring don’t know how to play it properly or don’t have good friends to play with you. In truth, we don’t understand how it’s possible to dislike Minecraft. Here you can create buildings and creatures, mine useful materials and resources. Some people don’t want to play it because of its special graphics, which makes Minecraft special and unusual.

  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

No one compilation of the best games can be considered full without the shooter game. The Call of Duty game series has thousands of fans worldwide, and each new release is a big event for players. Modern Warfare was released in 2019 and is a reload of the Modern Warfare series. Some players thought it was supposed to continue MW3, but it’s not true. Modern Warfare is the 16th game in the COD series. Even this fact alone shows people still like playing it, and developers do their best to satisfy them. The plot takes place in a fictional country where you must defeat the enemy alone or with friends.

Can games harm studies?

Teachers and professors are worried about the popularity of video games since they think the virtual world harms students’ academic performance. Fortunately, there’s no dependence between these two aspects because students are adult enough to understand what they need more: studying or having fun. If the academic performance of a certain person is low — it’s their choice.

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