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PS5 Overheating? Here’s What to Do Right Now!

An overheating system is treading on a deadly path to hardware failure. Don't let it come to that!

The current generation gaming console from Sony, PlayStation 5 (PS5) released almost one year ago and many users have complained of overheating. One of the amazing features of this new and expensive PS5 is that it comes with an excellent cooling system. While playing, you might notice that your PS5 is getting warmed up, and in some cases, the temperature will reach a point where you will be left with no choice but to stop playing. So, it is natural that questions come to your mind regarding PS5 overheating.

There are two ways to fix this problem. You can take it to a service center, or take the matter into your hands and clean the fan and vents. You can also change the console’s positioning to prevent overheating in PS5.  

No matter what, it is not expected that a PS5 will get overheated, and if it does, some problems with it need to be fixed. Let’s discuss the possible reasons behind the overheating of PS5 with the solutions to fix it.

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Signs That PS5 is Overheating

Several reasons can cause your PS5 to overheat. Air vents inside the console can get blocked due to the accumulation of dust, lint, and even fur. Less amount of airflow can also cause this issue in the PS5. So, how can you identify that your console is getting overheated? All the indications are mentioned below.

  1. When the PS5 gets warm, the console automatically shuts down after displaying the message on the screen, “Your PS5 is too hot”.
  2. The fan inside PS5 might be running faster, and this may produce a sort of muffled jet engine noise.
  3. The game you will try to play on your PS5 will take longer than usual to load. Moreover, you can experience frame drops, tears in the screen, freezing on the screen while playing, and even audio issues like unsynchronized audio.
  4. Several graphical glitches can appear on the screen while playing a game, and problems that may be encountered include white dots, black dots, green screens, purple screens, and even a completely black screen. 
  5. Last but not least, when you touch the console, it will be too hot.  

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How to Prevent Overheating Issue of PS5?

Now, as you know the signs that indicate an overheating PS5, it’s time to talk about how you can fix an overheated PS5. 

  • You need to ensure that no dust is near the gaming console where you are keeping it, as dust gets accumulated inside the cooling fan, which is not desirable. 
  • Never keep your gaming console in an enclosed space such as a cabinet drawer, as this might cause overheating because of less airflow in that place. Always maintain four inches distance from any obstacle to airflow.
  • Timely, clean the vents of the gaming console to prevent the accumulation of dust or any debris inside the device.
  • Do not put the PS5 on rugs, carpets, or mats.
  • Avoid putting a cover over the system and never put anything obstructing the vents.
  • Check whether the cooling fan is in condition regularly.
Overheating PS5
Image Credit: Gamers Suffice

How to Clean the PS5 to Prevent Overheating?

Opening the PS5 and cleaning the accumulated dust from the inside can be useful if the warranty period is over. The process is mentioned below.

  • Collect the necessary tools such as a cleaning brush, Security Torx Screwdriver, and Spudger.
  • Open the lid of the gaming console. 
  • Clean the lid. 
  • Now, take the cleaning brush and clean the bottom part of the PS5 and then the top part.
  • Remove the top intake of the gaming console.
  • Now, you can see the cooling fan that you need to unscrew. 
  • Thereafter, take the plastic covering nearby.
  • You will see a connected wire there. Disconnect the fan by slightly pulling on this wire. 
  • Take the fan out and clean it. 
  • After that, you need to clean the heatsink.
  • After everything is done, reassemble your PS5.

The Bottom Line

If you are dealing with the problem of the PS5 overheating, take the necessary actions. Look for the signs that we have mentioned, as overheating can hinder the performance of your console.

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